Coming Home from College: Curfew and Other Rules You May Have to Deal With

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When coming home from college, curfew and other rules may be an issue. After all, you have been living as an adult for some time now in college. Here are some tips to help make your transition from a teenager to young adult a bit easier for all of you.

Home Sweet Home

After spending some time away from home, odds are you probably miss it. When you are home, it is okay to spend time with your old friends and catch up on times; however, keep your family in mind, too. Remember, your family misses you tremendously and wants to spend time with you. Do your best to spend ample time with them and make that time count. Try doing activities that you used to do together such as baking, crafts, sports, or game nights. If you haven’t done memorable activities in the past, try making some new traditional ones. A good example would be you and a family member baking holiday treats for friends and family. This is a simple tradition that can create many fond memories for both parties.

Handling Guidelines

Just because you are an adult now doesn’t mean you get to come back home rule free. It is important to listen to your parent’s wishes when it comes to rules. Try going over their rules as soon as possible; the first day you get home is great. This eliminates confusion, and helps prevent conflict from arising.

Often, rules are less strict and placed there mainly for your safety. It may be hard to deal with rules again when you come home, but try not to take them personally. It may feel like your parents are trying to strengthen their control over you, but most rules are set up for your safety.

A big issue that often comes up is coming home from college and curfews. It often helps to put yourself in your parent’s shoes and imagine yourself up all night worrying about someone. Usually, guidelines are easier to follow if you keep your main focus on your family when you come home.

Common Rules for College Students

Curfews - No matter how old you get, your parents still worry about your safety. Even though you may have lived without a curfew for a while at college, It is normal to come home and have a curfew. If you disagree with a curfew time, try talking to your parents about changing it to a later time or finding a compromise.

Calling Them - Having to call them and let them know where you are is a simple request. It only takes a few minutes at most to make a quick phone call. This gives them peace of mind. However, if you feel this request is too extreme, it is okay to compromise. In any case, be sure to set up the guidelines before you go out.

Cleaning up after yourself - Even if you had all the work and cleaning done for you in the past, cleaning up after yourself and helping around the house is an easy way to get maturity points. This is an exceptional way to show you are transitioning into an adult. As you may have learned already, this is something you have to learn to do for yourself as an adult.

In any case, be sure to talk with your family about guidlines as soon as possible and know it is okay to compromise. This will make your transition easier. Some additional helpful information can be found in the article College Kids Living at Home by Robin Raven.


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