Ideas for Good Jobs for College Students to Make the Most Money

Ideas for Good Jobs for College Students to Make the Most Money
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Work Independently

Everyone in college needs a good part-time job without a lot of stress as college is stressful enough! Some college students choose to find jobs related to their degree, and others want to make some money, either for partying or for major concerns such as books and rent.

Now that many colleges have pulled back on giving jobs to students, it’s time for the students to start showing ingenuity. Stop begging the campus bookstore to give you a job. It probably doesn’t pay well anyway. Instead, look into other, more lucrative options.

  • Avon Representative

For the ladies (and men who find this of interest) a great job is selling Avon makeup. Why? First, the sign-up process is very easy. It’s online. Avon gives support and advice to all of its representatives. Second, if you live in a dorm and your female friends and you hang out all the time, have hall parties, etc. then you have automatic clients. It’s also a very flexible job. You work whenever you want, and you are responsible for making your own money. The best part is Avon representatives can make a good amount of money. In fact, college students can make an extra $500 a month. Or if they strive to make more money, they can.

Make sure to read all the advice Avon provides on how to be a successful representative. Also, it’s always best to read over your contract thoroughly.

Other respected independent jobs are Mary Kay (make-up), Tupperware (household), Pampered Chef (cooking), Mia Bella (candles), Shaklee (health and environmental products) and many more. Any time you work independently selling, weigh the upfront fees before joining.

  • Online Writer

For those who have a proficiency in writing and love to write, take a look at some online writing sites. What is online writing? Online writing is working as a journalist for online publications. You write in a subject area or areas under a signed contract. The articles usually are around 600 words or more. Some publications want shorter pieces and some want longer. You write all of your articles in a content management system and then self-publish them or send them to an editor to review and publish. It is very flexible because you are filling a quota. So you write whenever you want as long as you fill that quota.

You are paid on a click per cost (CPC) revenue model. Every time a reader clicks on an ad on your page, you get a share of the money. This system can be quite profitable, earning some writers thousands every month. But beware; you cannot click on the ads yourself. The administrators can tell and your account will be shut down. On other sites you are paid on a page view revenue model. Every time a reader clicks on your page, you get a portion of the revenue.

Some good online writing sites are Bright Hub, Examiner, Suite 101, Busika, Helium, Textbroker, etc. Note: As of present time, The Wall Street Journal reported that major online writing site Demand Studios has been lying about their profits, so proceed with caution.

Always read over the contract for each site. Some may have very writer-friendly contracts, while others do not. Know what you’re getting yourself into.

Make Money, Party for Free

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Another great job to do is bartending. As a college student, you’re already in party/socializing mode, so why not make money off of it? Many college students find jobs as bartenders in the college town they live in. The key is to find an establishment that is either upscale and will pay well, or find an establishment that you know you can make money. Bartenders can make up to $400 a night easily on busy nights. The same is true for cocktail waitresses in swanky clubs who make even more than that.

Beside the money, it is flexible in the sense you have all day to go to class and your shift will start around 6pm or so. You work until 11pm at a nice restaurant and you can still have plenty of time to meet your friends after work. If you work at a college partying place, you can join in the party after your shift and drink either for free or for much less.

It’s best to be mindful of your money after your shift ends. People will see you’ve made a huge amount of cash, so be extra careful. Perhaps ask your boss to lock it up in the safe until the next day.

Now that you have some good ideas on where to get started, whether you are looking to work during the semester or over the summer, make sure to start researching your options to find the best job for you. Holding down a job and finding time to study can have its challenges, but you can do both and enjoy some financial freedom while working toward your degree.

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