Find out which are the Best Printers for College Students

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College Students’ Essentials

College students find themselves in a quandary when it’s time to purchase that first printer before freshmen year. While there are a myriad of exception printers that can do hundreds of different tasks, it is best to keep in mind that affordability is generally the number one requirement for college students. This does not, however, mean that good printers cannot be had for a reasonable price. The best printers for college students, according to Bestcovery–a website with a panel of technological experts–are the Canon PIXMA MX 860, Epson Stylus NX515, Brother MFC 490cw, Epson WorkForce 600, and the HP Deskjet F4480. The one thing that each printer has in common is that it is an all-in-one printer, fully equipped with a copier, scanner, fax machine, as well as the prime component, the printer.

Canon PIXMA MX 860

The Canon PIXMA is the top choice for college students according to Bestcovery, and it’s extremely hard to argue against their selection. Convenience is at the top of the list for this wireless unit, which features built in duplex printing, or printing on both sides of the page. The task can be completed without overseeing each paper spit out from the feeder, and the printer is equipped with WiFi, allowing printing to be done from anywhere within connectivity range. Although the name gives it away, it’s also important to realize that along with all these features, the printer is an exceptional photo printer that is Bluetooth enabled and boasts a 2.5" LCD screen for manual tasks. Ultimately, the features a packed in one affordable price, starting from $91 USD at

Epson Stylus NX515 and Epson WorkForce 600

The Epson Sylus sports a sleek glossy design that stands out in any dorm room. Printing 36 pages per minute, the Epson is one of the fastest printers and also comes with wireless capabilities. Being an all-in-one printer, it includes a copier and scanner. On the company website,, these units are selling for $99 USD and are running for $149.99 USD on The Epson WorkForce 600 sports the same features as the Stylus; however, it is a bit on the expensive side for college students, ranging from $185.00 to $215.00.

Brother MFC 490cw

While all Brother printers are highly regarded, the MFC 490cw features a high speed fax function for both black and color fax copies. Unlike other printers, this unit has built in memory card slots in addition to the WiFi capability that allow for multiple networking options. In addition, a 3.3" LCD display is convenient for previewing faxes, editing images, etc. On the market, this printer sells for approximately $140.00 USD.

HP Deskjet F4480

A list of top ranked printers cannot be complete without at least one HP unit. The Deskjet F4480 is one of the cheapest printers on the market–priced less than $80 USD–and comes equipped with a printer, copier, and scanner. While it doesn’t have the same speed and functionality as its counterparts, it more than does the job for the price and is one of the more reliable printers on the market.


When a discussion on best printers for college students is brewing, it’s evident that there will be a variety of opinions just based on the sheer number of printers in the market. Considering this, these are the top five most reliable and effective printers as rated by technology experts from Bestcovery.