What You Need to Know About Animal Studies

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Why Study Animal Studies in College

A person would think that after all the generations of animals and the domestication of these animals, there would not be the need for professionals to study animals. This could not be further from the truth. There is still a need for individuals who can assist the farms and game parks in the proper management of their animals. The people who major in animal studies in college help to ensure that there is not over hunting, over killing and over breeding in the region. These individuals also assist farmers in finding the best food for their particular animals and studying the hybrid animals and their potential for the markets.

Type of Degree in Animal Studies

Animal studies is typically a bachelor’s degree in the agricultural section or field of the college. This means that the degree is a four year degree, although there are some who take longer or shorter lengths of time to complete the degree. This course does entail the general education classes that are required for all course work within the college. The student is then able to pick a major within the agricultural section such as animal studies in college and take courses that pertain specifically to that information. There are also some animal studies courses that are the precursor to veterinarian medicine, making them similar to pre-med courses.


While all colleges have different courses for their majors, there are some similarities within the educational community. For those who are majoring in animal studies, there are certain courses that they should take. These courses can include anatomy and physiology, animal nutrition, animal products, and farm animal management. In addition the students within this course often find that they must take genetics, genetic improvement techniques and animal ethics. These courses help to prepare the student for the different situations that he or she may find themselves in during their services to the farming communities.

Employment Options

Most jobs within the animal studies field will have some interaction with animals. This field help farmers to supply more food to the markets more efficiently. The students also open themselves up to the ability to write grants for the farmers and assist in the legal aspects of caring for farm animals. Animal studies majors help to breed healthier stocks and help to eliminate diseases caused by improper feeding. There are some who obtain their animal studies degree and spend their careers in laboratories studying the different statistics associated with animals and determining the best ways to handle the different problems that may arise in the animal care.

Traditional Colleges for Animal Studies

Finding a good school is essential to finding a good job within the animal studies field. These schools are all over the country and offer student aide to assist in the funding of the education. The number one school for animal studies is Cornell University. This is rated the 13th best school in the nation overall and is well known. The University of Florida is the second best school to attend for this major. This school has been known to receive grants of several hundred million dollars to assist in its research department yearly. The University of Georgia is the third best school to study animal studies in college. It also happens to be the oldest school in Georgia.


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