Finding What is the Best Voice Recorder to use in College Classes

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Why use a Voice Recorder

Taking notes in class is a fact of life for students in college. Knowing what is the best voice recorder to use in college classes, can offer a student a second chance to write the notes, having recorded the entire class for easy listening at a later date. The process of digital recording of a class has been used for quite some time to increase the chances for a student to learn the content of the class. There is often so much going on in the class room that it can be difficult for the student to pay attention to it all. The digital voice recorder helps to reduce the need for hearing everything and allows the student to pay more attention the graphs and board work associated with the class.

What to Look for on a Voice Recorder

There are many different voice recorders that a student can use to record the class lectures. Knowing what to look for is essential to finding the perfect voice recorder. Most of the voice recorders offer features that the average student does not need. This can include things such as music recording and MP3 playback. This is a distraction, not a helpful feature. The number of hours of voice recording is important to consider though. The quality of playback is also very important as a poor recording will not help the student to listen to the lecture again. The range of the voice recorder is also very important. Most teachers do not want to carry the voice recorder for the student, so a recorder that can pick up the lecture from the student’s desk is very important.

Olympus WS-210S Voice Recorder

According to Consumer Search, this is one of the best voice recorders on the market within its price range. The Olympus WS-210S has a non-expandable 512MB memory chip. It does not require the use of a USB to listen to the voice recordings. It does have built in headphones for easy listening to the recordings. The audio quality to could be higher, but it is good enough for classroom recording, especially in smaller classes. If the class is larger, the student may want to be towards the front of the classroom to collect higher quality audio. This recorder is very affordable with a top price on Amazon of $84.95.

Olympus WS-331M Voice Recorder

A step up in quality and price is the Olympus WS-331M. This voice recorder has 2G non-expandable memory card that is able to hold 550 hours of voice recordings. There is a MP3 player attached to the voice recorder, although the quality of the music is wanting. There is no need to connect this voice recorder to your computer in order to listen to the lectures as there are attached headphones. The Olympus WS-331M voice recorder can be connected to a computer using an attached USB plug in but does not require any additional cables, keeping the whole system rather simple. This one is $115 at Amazon as of 2010 school year.

Roland Edirol R-09HR

If money is no object, the Roland Edirol R-09HR is the absolute most expensive of the best voice recorders. This recorder tends to retail at $400 at Amazon during the 2010 school year. This is a larger voice recorder has an expandable memory although the internal memory is only 513MB. This recorder is larger than the other recorders, but it does feature better sound quality. The menu system is very easy to use and it is possible to file the lectures in the player rather than having to code them or state the information within the recording. This recorder does not offer the music player options though and must be plugged into a computer to retrieve the saved information.

Knowing what is the best voice recorder to use in college classes can help the student catch all the information that the teacher provides and will give the student the best chance for success.

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