Where to Find a College to Learn Computer Game Design when Choosing a Video Game Career Path

Where to Find a College to Learn Computer Game Design when Choosing a Video Game Career Path
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The Los Angeles Film School

The Los Angeles Film School is a good choice if you live in Southern California and are looking to find a college to learn computer game design. They offer an 18 month program that can earn you an Associate of Science degree in Game Production.

Their program is designed by industry professionals who are up to date on the most cutting edge in gaming technology. You can become immersed in topics that include game art, animation, programming and theory.

To register at this school, you will need a high school diploma, and be comfortable using computers with Windows and OS operating systems. You should also have a strong command of the English language. They have an open enrollment policy which allows courses to begin every four weeks.

To give an idea of what to expect from this school, the following is a list of courses you will need to take in order to complete their program:

  • Applied Math and Logic
  • The Business of Games
  • Game Concept Workshop
  • Game Assets
  • Game Art I, II
  • Game Designing I, II
  • Game Audio
  • Game Programming I, II
  • Game Production 1-3
  • Global Game Studies
  • Game Level Designing
  • Game Pre-Production
  • Game Project Management

As of 2010, the cost of their program is $37,900. For more information, visit the Los Angeles Film School website.

Collins College

Collins College is an Arizona based college that offers a game design degree through their school of Technology and Interactive Design. It is a 120 week program that gives an in-depth study of everything that is needed to become a computer game design professional. Class sizes are small, with hands on instruction, and are taught by game industry experts. Students can expect to take classes in multiple computer programming languages in C++ and Java.

After completion of their program, you will have the skills to qualify for the following computer gaming industry positions:

  • Game Level Editor
  • Game Environmental Artist
  • Game Modeler/Texture Artist
  • Game Motion Editor
  • Junior Game Designer
  • Level Game Designer
  • C++/Java Game Programmer
  • Production Assistant
  • Quality Assurance Tester

As of 2010, the annual cost to attend Collins College is $34,063.

To register, you will need to contact the school directly to find out if you qualify for their program. Their address is 4750 W 44th Place, Phoenix, Arizona, 85040. Contact them by phone toll free at 800-876-7070 or visit the Collins College website.

Globe University - Minnesota School of Business

If you are looking to find a college that offers a program in computer game design in Minnesota, the Globe University in Richfield may be for you. The school offers an Associates and Bachelor’s degree programs in Game and Application Development. You can expect to take heavy courses in programming, animation, and graphics. The classes are small and taught by game industry professionals.

The following are some of the courses you may need to take in order to complete your degree:

  • Introduction to Game Architecture
  • Foundations of Game Development
  • Animation for Game Development
  • Mathematics for 3D Animation and Games
  • Animation Fundamentals
  • Flash Game Development
  • Game Development using DirectX
  • Animation Software Tools
  • Audio for Game Development
  • Computer Graphics
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Game Worlds and Culture
  • Game Production

To attend this college, you will need a High School or GED. Globe University does require you to visit the school and meet with a representative to further evaluate your qualifications. You may also need to take an Accuplacer, an assessment test to see if you are ready for college work.

As of July 2010, it will cost you $435 per credit unit taken at Globe University.

To find out more, visit the Globe University website or call them at 877-655-7676.

Other Colleges that Offer Computer Game Design Programs

If you are looking to find a college to learn computer game design, the following are some other good sources that you may want to look into:

  • Academy of Art – Located in San Francisco, California
  • International Academy of Design and Technology – Located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Keiser University – Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This college offers an Associate of Science in Video Game Design. They have a unique program where courses are taken one at a time for 4 weeks before going on to the next one. As of 2010, annual tuition is $16,672.

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