Common Behaviors on College Campus

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College Behaviors 101

College students can be summed up in three words, hard working, partying, and stressed out. They can be seen wearing their pajamas or dressed to impressed and going to classes. Some colleges, such as Guilford College, are clothing optional; however, there is a rule to being naked in classrooms for too long or facing one part of the building. This is an example of college tradition. Students who follow and pride themselves in their college campus life will look, to the rest of the community, as odd.

Sometimes, it is not only about underage drinking, excessive drinking, doing illegal drugs, or frequenting in sexual activities. The academic lifestyle of college students includes skipping meals, staying up late at night or up for several nights, and to the most part, partying like there is no tomorrow. Learn more about the behaviors on college campus.

Fraternities and Sororities

The secret lifestyle of the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of some colleges have long been a high light of many people’s interest, including the making some comedies and horror movies. What exactly is found inside such dwellings? For one, they are usually houses or buildings where students live and can be governed by resident adviser or “Mother/Father”.

What goes on in the initiation of such non-blood families can range from hazing, a series of test where a student must prove their loyalty to the leaders of said sorority or fraternity, to a simple application where one is instantly approved. One must keep in mind, asking someone who belongs in a sister or brotherhood will not always tell you the truth about their activities and it isn’t about crossing legal lines, it’s about being superior and proud of their secrecy sometimes.

Partying Conduct?

Recently, across college campuses, through proper education and freedom of choice to accept change, the newer generations have come up with specific conduct or rules of partying that have been around for generations, but not usually enforced.These behaviors include, the use of Facebook or other social networking site to communicate parties. Some rules include that one must RSVP in order to appear, have a dress code, a party theme (usually the infamous toga party), and provide their own beverages and snacks.

Other behaviors include the proper way to refuse a party, refusing more than one invite from the same person looks bad upon the house or person and could decrease invites to parties for that person later on. Contrary to popular belief, fraternities pride themselves in stopping date rapes and making sure their brothers never indulge in such behaviors, of course every brotherhood differs from coast to coast, but some colleges that will remain nameless pride themselves in actively making sure condoms, water, and coffee are available to all party guests.

Academic Stress Behavior Patterns

College students will frequently run out of money and end up having to eat Raman noodles and eating out at all night dinners at four or five in the morning. Sometimes, students will go hours without thinking about food or sleep since they have a final exam or a final paper due soon. There are free counseling services in most colleges, especially those that pride themselves in having rigorous courses or programs.

Stress behaviors on college campus are usually caused by poor time management and does not accurately reflect one’s work ethics. Sometimes parents can be harsh on their children and blame their lack of interest in education, but the real culprit is the procrastinating behaviors that arise from being away from rules set by their homes previously.

The important thing to remember is that behaviors on college campus can vary. One should approach the situation with an open mind, and a solid resolve to stay true to one’s core beliefs.