Including a College Student Internship: Resumes Tips

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Writing a Resume

Writing a resume can seem like a daunting albeit necessary task to approach for the average college student. A good resume includes such information about the resume writer as educational background, work experience, community service and volunteer work, and research and scholarly activities. Figuring out what information to include can be especially frustrating for someone with a college student internship. Resumes, however, can easily be adapted to include many kinds of pertinent information including internships. Learn how to add a college student internship to a resume with these easy-to-follow tips.

Including an Internship

Work Experience

The first logical place on a resume to include information about a college internship is in the section about work experience. Include the place of the internship, a job title or similar description, the time period of the internship, and a brief description describing your main responsibilities or duties during the internship. Descriptions of former internships should be written in the past tense while descriptions of current internships should be written in the present tense. If you are including your internship under work experience, it is recommended that the internship be related to the job you are currently applying for.


If your internship was a part of your college coursework and you are striving to keep your resume short, you may want to include your internship in the education section. Briefly mention your internship under the information about your degree with a single phrase like “Internship in Conservation Lab at Milner Library” or “Administrative internship at Human Society.” Keep the mention of your internship to a maximum of a single line on your resume if you include it in the section about your education.

Research and Scholarship

For the majority of college internships, which are usually unpaid, the best place on a resume to include information about the internship is in a section devoted to research and scholarly activities. Including this section of information is especially important if you are writing a resume or curriculum vitae in application for a graduate program. An internship related to your intended area of study will fit best in this section. Include the same information as you would if you had included your college internship in the work experience section.


If you held multiple internships during your college experience, you may also want to consider including a separate section just for internships on your resume. Follow the same description format as you would if you were including your internships under work experience.

Figuring out how much information to include in a resume can seem like a daunting task for anyone but can be especially confusing for someone with a college student internship. Resumes, by nature, offer flexibility so that the writer can include as much information as necessary. Adding information to a resume about an internship is fairly straightforward.