Discover the Expectations of an Employer toward College Graduate Applicants

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Employer Expectations

In today’s world of modernity, expectations of an employer toward a recent college graduate have been steadily on the rise. While it is important to understand that college graduates will start at entry level positions in their field, the expectations levied on them are indeed demanding. Clearly, the employer will understand the prospective applicant’s potential by simply assessing standardized tests and grade point average; however, expectations of an employer towards a recent college graduate are weighed heavily on character. Is the individual a leader? Can he cooperate with others and work individually when necessary? Can I trust him to complete the task on time, efficiently, and effectively?

What Does The Employer Look For?

The bottom line for the employer is simple: an applicant should be able to demonstrate field aptitude not only through grades, but also through practical experience. The employer will undoubtedly expect the candidate to be familiar with the ways of the field. Through research, the National Association of Colleges and Business 2009 job survey stated that, “the top 5 personal qualities/skills employers seek, are: communication skills (verbal and written), a strong work ethic, teamwork skills (works well with others), initiative and analytical skills in that order.” In other words, employers want college graduates who can transition from the textbook world to the practical work seamlessly.

Entry Level College Graduates

The employer understands that being an entry-level employee, there will be an adjustment process. The mindset of many employers in today’s competitive job market is to “hire attitude, train skill.” In other words, carry yourself professionally at all times and let your attitude shine. Entering the work environment and bickering with coworkers is an example of what not to do as an entry level worker. Leadership skills are essential, but more than that, the employer wants to believe that you can get the job done in the most efficient manner. Considering the fact that the position is at entry-level, there will be leeway and an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Expectations of Education Employers

While communication is important in any job, employer expectations for entry-level positions are greatest in the education sector. Internship experience, the ability to speak multiple languages, and leadership skills are basic requirements of landing a position as an educator. Unlike the past, fluency in a second language is becoming a minimum requirement for application in education fields. Being able to collaborate with colleagues is also a crucial attribute and cannot be emphasized enough to entry-level candidates.

Universal Expectations of Employers Toward College Graduates

Whether it’s in the education field, law, medicine, or any other field, the universal expectation of employers toward college graduates can be simplified into possessing the proper degree for the field and exhibiting the attitude required to create a successful working environment. By demonstrating the ability to successfully complete projects and tasks on time, entry-level candidates can pave the way to higher positions and climb up the occupational ladder.

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