Transitioning to College Gift Ideas for Christian Students

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Every year many thousands of Christian students make the transition from high school to college, and receive numerous going away gifts from friends and family members. However, finding a gift that will prove useful for a Christian student transitioning into college can be slightly difficult. This article takes a look at a few unique transitioning to college gift ideas for Christian students that will ensure your gift is used and appreciated for the many years.

Learn what the student wants

The first step in purchasing a useful gift for a Christian college student is to discover what they want and need for college. The best way to find this out is to talk to the student about college, and casually ask what items they have prepared for college, and what items they would really like to have before they leave. By determining what the student wants and needs, you can eliminate many gift ideas that you may think are appropriate, but the student does not.

Utility is important

Many gifts given to students transitioning into college are nice at first, but soon become useless in a college setting. Therefore, it is important to select a gift that can be used numerous times throughout the college experience. If the student is going to be living on their own, then try to discover what essential items they lack, and try to provide them with some of them. For example, many Christian college students will require the following items if they wish to have a good experience at college:

  • Bedding (sheets, linens, or pillows)
  • Computer
  • Computer supplies such as Microsoft Word and surge protectors
  • A dining set (or part of a set)
  • Towels

Items such as these are very useful to new college students, and although they may lack the initial “wow” factor of other gifts, they will see many years of routine use.

Give them something meaningful

Attending college is a big step in making the transition from a child to an adult, and is a turning point in the lives of many students. If the Christian college student already has the essential supplies they need to live at college, then it may be appropriate to purchase them a personalized gift. Many Christian college students would appreciate their own personalized Bible that they can use to continue practicing their faith in college.

Alternatively, many college students enjoy receiving a college jacket or other type of clothing that the school sells in their gift shop. Many students are proud to wear these clothes on campus, and purchasing them clothing of their college boosts their morale and makes them feel proud to be attending college.

In conclusion, getting a gift for a Christian student transitioning into college can be a little tricky, but it is not an impossible feat. The most important step of the gift selection process is to discover what the student will benefit from the most, and then purchasing them that gift. If the gift is a useful one, then it is likely to prove handy time and time again.