unique college bedding

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Like most places, having good bedding in college is essential, as everyone needs a warm and comfortable place to sleep. Fortunately, there are a few places you can take a look at in order to find some unique forms of bedding that you can use in your apartment or college dorm room.

Go local

Many cities in North America have bedding supply stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond. A lot of times these stores carry their own forms of semi-unique bedding, and college students can find something that they like fairly easily and at a reasonable price. Alternatively, most smaller stores and local tailor shops can create your own personalized forms of college bedding, which can be a very nice and unique thing to have. Be sure to take a look around your city, and call these stores and tailor shops asking for pricing information, which many will gladly provide for you.

Take a look online

Some places online such as Coast of Maine Quilts will create and ship you your own customized quilt. Quilts are warm and can be very comfortable to sleep with, while at the same time giving you a really nice piece of unique bedding. Alternatively, you can use Google to search for other places that can provide you with unique college bedding. Keep in mind however that ordering online comes with the downside of having to pay for shipping, which can be a little expensive depending on the amount of bedding that you order at once (especially since bedding tends to be a little big and bulky).

Make your own

If you know how to sew or are handy, you can try creating your own unique bedding. Creating a patchwork quilt is one of the easier forms of bedding to make, so I recommend starting with creating a quilt for your first project. A guide from About.com provides a good introduction on how to get started on creating your first quilt. The material cost of creating your own quilt will not be too expensive as you only need to buy raw materials and not a finished product. When the quilt is completed, not only will you have the satisfaction of having created your own bedding from scratch, but you will also be able to take pleasure in knowing that your quilt is completely unique.

Finding unique college bedding is not a very difficult thing to do, provided you know where to look. Unique bedding may be a little more expensive than regular bedding, but it comes with the satisfaction of knowing that no other college students will have the same bedding as you. In addition, making your own unique college bedding gives you the maximum amount of control over the look and design of your bedding, although it will take some dedicated time and effort in order to finish the job.