Begin High School Preparation for College Engineering

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For many people, engineering can be a rewarding and well paying job. However, in order to be accepted into an engineering program at college, you must start to prepare in high school. Below is a list of some of the best tips on preparing for college engineering as a high school student.

Become fluent in math and physics

Being an engineer requires the ability to make a lot of complex calculations quickly and correctly. Therefore, becoming very proficient in math and physics will give you advantages come time to apply to college. If you are good in math, work on constantly improving your skills, and try to learn some additional materials on your own or with a group of similar minded individuals, then engineering may be for you. If there is a math or engineering club at your high school, it is a terrific idea to join it. Through the club, you will learn how to hone your skills and improve your SAT or ACT test scores on the math section, which many colleges will look favorably upon.

Letters of recommendation can help

Many colleges look favorably upon applicants who submit letters of recommendation from a teacher or other authority figure along with their college application. If you have performed exceptionally well in a math or physics class during your final two years of high school, ask the teacher if they can write you a letter of recommendation. Many teachers love dealing with hardworking students, and will not hesitate to write you a letter of recommendation if you ask.

Learn from the more experienced

If possible, get to know an engineer or engineering major in the field of engineering you wish to apply for, and ask them for any tips that will aid you on your quest to become an engineering student. Chances are, these people will have gone through the same process as you, and can help to answer many of your questions on preparing for college engineering. They will also be able to recommend engineering resources that they feel will aid you on your journey, and give you an idea of what kind of work engineering entails. If you don’t know of any engineers or engineering majors, take a trip to your high school guidance counselor. Many counselors have various connections to those working in the field, and can help connect you with someone with engineering experience that can answer any questions that you may have.

Preparing for college engineering as a high school student can create numerous benefits that would not likely be available to you otherwise. By following these truly helpful tips and ensuring that you do the best you can in school, you run a high chance of being accepted into the college of your choice for a degree in engineering.