Why is Higher Education Needed? Understanding the Benefits

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Higher Education

Never before has the presence of higher education been so important. With a dwindling economy, many people are finding out how difficult it can be to enter a profession without a degree. The reasons why higher education is needed are many; however, the primary reason is that a higher-education background is one of the minimum qualifications to break into a field.

The True Purpose

The true purpose of higher education is to propel the individual’s academic career forward and help translate it into the professional world. Higher education students can attest to the fact that their countless years of education may not even translate into a guaranteed position after graduation. However, higher education is a platform through which the exceptional students can reveal themselves to recruiters, while those that are not so focused can hone their skills and develop focus on their career track.

Importance of Higher Education

Higher education is understood as a collegiate program in which the student is enrolled, whether at an undergraduate or graduate level. Many people wonder, “Why is higher education needed?” In the words of the famous Horace Mann, the Advocate of Public Education, “Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery.” Statistics show that neutralizing race, gender, etc., a collegiate degree is the determining factor in occupational equity. Occupations that require nearly a decade of higher education, such as medicine, tend to reward the individual with a lifetime of lucrative benefits and a comfortable salary. Higher education is one of the primary contributing factors in determining the upper class inhabitants. Admittedly, there are ways to become wealthy without higher education (e.g. sports athlete); however, the chances are significantly reduced.

Life Without It

When conjuring a life without higher education, the image of today’s youth in minimum wage jobs resonates most strongly. Whether it be a cashier at Target, McDonalds, etc., the truth is that without higher education, the development of the entire country would become stagnated. Students going through the educational system already know the feel of working minimum wage jobs–many students hold these types of jobs to defray the costs of tuition. Now, imagine these students working these jobs as a permanent career. The reason why higher education is needed is simple: the technological, scientific, and global advancement of the United States depends on the higher education backgrounds of today’s youth.

The Bottomline

A background in higher education can provide security, stability, and possibly even luxury for your family, while a lack of higher education may force the individual to find different alternatives. This process could become frustrating, overwhelming, and often regretting. As a result, more students than ever before attend some sort of higher education college. For students, succeeding academically, professionally, and the possibility of standing on one’s own feet is why higher education is needed.