Create Your Own College Theme Gift Basket

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If you are thinking of giving a college student a gift for back to school this year, then consider that the best gifts are those that are useful, durable and compact. There are many college theme gift basket ideas that can be considered to suit your college student’s needs. There are also many areas of college life that you can choose from to give a specific collection of small gifts to make a wonderful gift basket. However, with the useful, durable and compact idea in mind let’s consider giving a practical gift. There are some theme ideas that spring to mind and these are: bathroom items, kitchen items, food items, and dorm room items including furniture and school supplies.

Bathroom Gift Basket

There are some items that every college student has to buy and bathroom supplies come under this section. A collection of bathroom items can be a practical and fun gift, especially if the gift is color coordinated according to the student’s preference. This practical collection can include personal items such as shower gel and sponge, bathroom slippers, a portable caddy to take to the bathroom, mouthwash, moisturizers, towels and hand cloths, bathroom mats and rugs, back scrubber brush and toothbrush holder. The beauty about this gift is that it may not be very expensive to compile and there are random items sold at bargain prices at various shops.

Kitchen Gift Baskets

Many college students may not be into cooking elaborate dishes. However, the basics are prepared by almost everyone and to prepare food they need the necessary utensils. Match utensils such as cups, plates, knives, forks, coffee mug (which could include the person’s name as a personal touch), kitchen towels, and matching pots.

Food Gift Baskets

This gift basket can do no wrong. If in doubt about what to get a college student, this may be the winning choice. A food basket can be dressed up and dressed down and you can focus on a compilation of several items. You can go gourmet, junk, or chocolate, or just compile several mouthwatering favorites as a gift.

Dorm Room Gift Baskets

Most college students try to make their dorm rooms or apartments as homey as possible to reflect personalities and interests. There are a few dorm room staples that you can find in college rooms everywhere: curtains, lamps, bed spreads, sheet sets, pillows, rugs, futons and pictures/paintings. You can include bed spreads, sheets and curtains in one compact gift basket.

School Supplies

Make a gift basket with school supplies such as pencils, pens, briefcase, backpacks, laptops, iPods or iPads and textbooks. If you are following this theme, it may be a good idea to find out what important school supplies are needed, such as textbooks or material unique to student’s subject area, and include these in a gift basket.

When it comes to college themed gift baskets be sure that your gifts are practical, durable and useful.