Learn How to Write an Entrance Essay to a Private Christian College

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Writing an Entrance Essay to a Private Christian College

Wondering how to write an entrance essay to a private Christian college? Writing this type of essay is similar to writing an entrance essay to any college; the basic writing principles are still to be followed. An entrance essay is the first point of perusal for the college to find out why you want to attend that particular school and what course or major you want to pursue and why. The essay can also include your personal interests and volunteer work done if any. A good entrance essay can give the reader an inclination of your personality and should relay your ambitions clearly and concisely.

Getting Started

To start your essay, choose a time when you can sit down quietly for about half an hour to consider your approach. Do not do this in a hurried manner. Sit down with a pencil and some scrap paper and really concentrate on what you want to convey in your entrance essay. This is usually called an outline, so jot down your reasons and think of your tone. Do you have a burning ambition to pursue a cause and would love the opportunity to explore this in college work? Think about it and marshal your ideas into order. Ask yourself these questions: Why do I want to study at that particular school? Why do I want to pursue the specific major I am thinking about? What will make my essay stand out from the crowd?

Why do I want to study at this particular school?

After you have answered your questions to your satisfaction you will then jot down your answers. For example: Why do I want to study at that particular school?

Your answer might sound like:

  • Researched schools and this school offers the best courses in computer science (or your area of study)
  • Same denomination
  • Proximity to home/work
  • Christian values/high disciplinary rate…and the list could go on.

This question is important because it can set the tone for the rest of the essay. You can make three or four paragraphs from answering this question and this will constitute the main body of the essay.

Why do I want to pursue the specific course I am thinking about?

Another major question to be answered when writing an entrance letter is of course your major. If you are going to attend any college at all, it is very important to find out if your major is offered, or if a suitable alternative is offered at the college. Decisiveness on this issue can save you lots of time and money. Hence, stating what major you hope to pursue and why can give the recipients of the essay a chance to find out how exactly you may fit in.

For some Christian colleges some majors call for active volunteerism or at least some work or interest in the area. For example, a Theology major is encouraged to be an active member in a church. This activism can be mentioned and expounded on in the essay and it gives some background as to why you want to choose your major.

What will make my essay stand out from the crowd?

There are letters which are unfocused and unspecific and will not get a second glance from the entrance committee. Then there are others which clearly state the intentions of the writer and their ambitions on becoming a student of that particular school. Those are the letters that will make the grade and these are the students that will be considered first for certain majors. Especially if the demand for a certain course is high. The entrance letter can make the difference between your acceptance for that course and maybe a polite nudge in another course. So you have to make your letter stand out. How? By being specific, writing in clear sentences that follow a natural logical progression, check for spelling and grammatical errors and include any volunteer work or activism on your part.

So to recap:

Introduction (which should state reasons for wanting to attend the particular private college)

Main Body of the Essay (which should include your past academic achievements along with volunteer work)

Conclusion (reiterate your desire to study at that particular institution)

Below is a sample to get your creative juices flowing when you are writing your own entrance essay.


I have always enjoyed academia, the quest for knowledge and the air of learning has always appealed to me. As such, I am excited to pursue a career in secondary education at your college. My love for the art of teaching has dogged my footsteps since my tender years when I was allowed to teach my peers in kindergarten class at church. Since then I purposed in my heart to pursue this ambition and my subsequent grades till now has confirmed that I have made the right choice. My area of emphasis would be Biological Science because that has been another interest of mine and my grades in this area have been impeccable.

I have learned that your college produces the top graduates for the year in secondary education and that your teaching standards are very high. With that kind of proven excellence I am very desirous to gain admittance to your college and in secondary education in particular. With the colleges’ close proximity to my aunt’s home, commuting would not be a problem and would fit in perfectly with my current budget.

Currently, I volunteer with the Adult Illiteracy Program at my church, where I teach adults to read and write, I started teaching the beginners and we have so far graduated twelve fully literate adults. This volunteer program is another reason why your school is so desirable a prospect because you offer school credits toward voluntary initiatives.

I am really looking forward to my acceptance at your institution because I know that I will be honed and groomed further into a productive individual who can contribute positively to my community.