Managing Freedom in College

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Students attending college have much more freedom than high school students, although with this freedom comes responsibility. College students who do not properly manage their freedom have difficulties in school and develop many bad habits. By adhering to the following principles, you will learn how to manage properly your freedom in college and learn to lead a well balanced lifestyle.

Plan your time well

The first step towards managing your freedom in college is to plan out your time. Using an agenda, mark down all of the crucial exam and term paper due dates. Furthermore, use an agenda to mark down important dates such as birthdays, college holidays, and special events. Refer to this agenda before deciding to partake in a new activity or event, to make sure you do not miss anything important by partaking in this new activity.

Moderation is key

Many college students enjoy attending bars and socialize while drinking alcohol. If you enjoy going out, make sure that you do not drink excessively, and always be responsible. If you have an exam on a Friday, it is not wise nor responsible to go out and party on Thursday night, as this impairs learning and gives one great difficulty in writing exams. Also try to avoid drinking more than two days a week, as it can be difficult to study and write papers if you are constantly under the weather due to alcohol consumption.

Eat right

Now that you are attending college, developing good eating habits is important. Make sure to try and eat three meals a day, and follow the USDA’s Food Pyramid to ensure getting enough servings of each food group. Good eating habits give you more energy and make you feel alert while also putting you in a good mood. Also try to avoid eating too many fast foods, as these foods can make you feel sluggish and may not give you enough nutrition.

Manage your finances

Attending college can be an expensive endeavor, and without proper fiscal management, you may run into financial problems in the long term. Try to create a budget, and avoid impulse buying as it can quickly wipe out finances if you are not on top of things. Take a look at this sample college budget, which should give you a basic outline so you can create a budget of your own. By budgeting your money, you have a better idea of how much money you spend each month, and can determine if there are any ways to reduce your spending.

In conclusion, managing your freedom in college can be an easy ordeal if you are willing to follow these tips and act responsibly. Over time, you will get used to your newfound freedom and will be able to manage your freedom at college effectively. For more information on this topic, please read “Making Friends and Managing Time: Tips for College Students.”