Ways for College Kids to Make Money While Working Around Their Class Schedule

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Federal Work Study and Financial Aid

One of the primary ways for kids to make money in college is to participate in financial aid programs. By filing your FAFSA each year, you may qualify for money above and beyond your basic tuition and books. Additionally through the financial aid package there is federal work study, which allows the student to work on campus at a school based job that will be flexible in hours according to class schedule. These jobs generally pay very low but are only available to students.

Getting a Traditional Job

A traditional part time or full time job is always available to the student. Many students find quite a bit of money tending bar, waiting tables and working in retail. These are all jobs that commonly will work with the student’s schedule. Getting a job always has its drawbacks. The student must take his school schedule into account when indicating schedule preferences or work his school work around the schedule at work. Also a traditional part time job takes time away from studying and can interfere with other coursework.

Tutoring Online and Off

There are a number of websites that offer tutoring and if the student signs up for these sites they will pay the student for their time. Also many campuses offer peer tutoring that the student can be paid for directly or make themselves available for paid private tutoring. This generally involves the student having an insight into a subject or at least a deep comprehension. Because this can be on any topic it may help the student study as well increasing grades while helping other students.

Work at Home Ads

College campuses across the country are littered with “Make Full Time Money with Part time hours” and “Make 15-21 dollars an hour in your spare time” ads. For the most part these ads are attempting to get the student to contact a number to do remedial work such as stuffing envelopes and posting signs. Some of these signs are completely legitimate and the student should do their research before committing to the job. Some jobs post ads like this to attract students into scams. The internet is littered with horror stories about people who have fallen for the “work from home” street signs and never been paid.

Sell Things Online

Selling things online is a great way to make money. Often the student can get more for their textbooks as well as handmade items, for those who are craftier. Selling handmade items on websites such as ebay and etsy.com may be able to get the college student some extra money while doing something they love. Selling books and other things can on ebay or Amazon.com can get the student money while selling things they were going to sell anyway.

Working in Your Field of Study

There’s nothing better than gaining real world experience while studying in college. If there’s not an available job on campus that meets with your career and degree goals, there are always off campus activities for all majors. After all, when the student leaves college they are going to get a job somewhere. For instance, someone studying Library science may be able to get a job within the school or local library and veterinary students will find it easy to obtain a job working in a veterinary clinic or shelter. These jobs may not be exactly what the student is looking for, for example the veterinary student may end up doing appointment setting and reception work, but at least it gives the student exposure to the field that college is preparing them for.

Really there are hundreds of ways for college kids to make money. It’s a matter of finding the opportunity and making it work for them. The student may not be able to avoid student loans altogether but they may be able to supplement their income and live independently.


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