Gifts For First Year College Students: Helpful Tips

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Finding Gifts for College Students

A first year college student needs everything. Finding a gift for them may not be a hard task at all. Their needs range from the simple to the expensive so if you are looking for gifts for your first year college student that will fit your pocket, here are some ideas that range from the high end to the low end:

Computers and Accessories

There are a range of prices in this category that will suit any budget. A very practical gift to give a college student under this category would be a laptop. Whether they live at home or boarding at college they can take it around with them, finish assignments, and stay in contact with friends and family via the internet. However, if they would prefer to carry something a bit lighter and handheld an iPad would not be amiss.

If the college student already has a computer you could give them an upgrade, new software, CPU processors, graphic cards. If you are not a techie don’t worry, there are cool laptop bags, knapsacks or cases and cooling pads to go with their laptops.

Phones and iPods

If you have gone anywhere near a college campus lately you will know that having a cell phone is as necessary to college students as breathing. Find out if your college student already has a cell phone and if not get them one. Not just any phone though, you may need guidance in your selection. iPods are also thoughtful gifts for first year college students. Cautionary note though, always get the latest version.

Dorm room furniture and necessities

To bring the comfort of home to an impersonal dorm room give your college student compact, cozy, functional and inexpensive furniture and necessities. Some ideas are area rugs (in dark colors to hide spills), dorm fridge-which is basically a mini fridge, floor lamp, book shelves, and futon chairs.

Home necessities could include an inexpensive painting or two, cup holders, sets of towels and sheets, warm blankets, bathrobe, laundry basket, hangers, and dishes. A great gift idea would be to put all the kitchen utensils, or bathroom accessories, in one gift basket add practical things, like food, to the kitchen basket. For the bathroom basket you may include soaps, soap dishes, toothpaste and bathing sponges. Do a color scheme for the basket or use your college students’ favorite colors.

College school supplies

College students need blank papers to print assignments, pencils, pens, notebooks and day planners. To make your gift more expensive you can give them a monogrammed day planner or buy the gift from a college gift shop with the school’s crest and colors. They will not want to lose it.

College Clothes

Yes clothes! College students are usually grateful for the college staples like college sweatshirts (make sure it has the relevant school colors and logo) and sweat pants, warm winter clothes-like hats, and mittens for those winter months.

Gift certificates

Still can’t make up your mind? Well not to worry buy a gift certificate from any bookstore, electronic store, clothing store or supermarket.

Shopping for a first year college students is quite easy; whether your budget is high, low or mid-range you can find great practical gifts for a student that will make their sojourn to college a happy one.