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In the United States, SAT test scores are the primary determinant of a student’s abilities and preparedness for college. The results of your SAT exam can make a huge difference in getting accepted into the college of your choice. In order to ensure that you obtain the highest possible mark on your SAT exam, you must be as prepared as possible. This article will discuss where you can prepare for the sat test, and will provide some important getting started tips.

Determine your strengths and weaknesses

The SAT test is comprised of three major sections: mathematics, critical reading, and writing. The best way to score higher on your SAT is to determine which sections of the SAT you are proficient in, and which sections you have difficulty with. I suggest printing the free SAT sample exam on the official SAT website and trying it out for yourself.

After you write the sample SAT, evaluate your results as honestly as possible, and determine which sections you need to work on in order to improve your SAT score. For example, if you perform well on the mathematics section of the exam, but poorly on the critical reading section, then you need to focus more on critical reading. A good rule of thumb is to work twice as long on sections that you have difficulty with. Following our previous example, if you were to study two hours on the critical reading section, work one hour reviewing and revising the mathematics section of the test, going over any wrong answers that you may have had. This will ensure that you start to grasp the material you had trouble in, while practicing and reinforcing your strong subject.

Online SAT resources

Once you have determined your strengths and weaknesses on the sample SAT test, it is now time to work on sharpening your skills. Bright Hub has numerous guides on how to prepare for certain sections of the test, and the list below provides links to excellent guides on how to prepare for each of the various sections of the SAT.

Offline resources

Many high school counselors can provide you with excellent information on where to get more resources on preparing for writing the SAT, and I advise you to make an appointment with your counselor in order to learn where you can find additional resources on preparing to write the SAT. Some schools even offer special after-school tutoring programs which can help you sharpen your skills with other students.

Putting it all together

By following the steps mentioned in this article, there is no reason why you cannot obtain an excellent SAT score. If you are willing to determine your strengths and weaknesses on the practice SAT, and then work on your weaknesses, you will be much better prepared and ready to obtain the best score possible!

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