Great College Resources for High School Students

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As a high school student, it can sometimes be challenging to find information that you need about college. This article will examine some of the different strategies that you can use in order to locate the best resources for learning more about college while still attending high school.

Get organized

The first step towards finding information about college as a high school student is to figure out what you wish to attend college for. Do you know what you want to study in college yet? If not, be sure to check out this great article about the top ten college majors as a rough getting started guide. Once you have a general or specific idea about what you wish to study in college, you can narrow your searches to topics relevant to your chosen field of study.

Visit your school guidance counselor

Your high school counselor can be a great starting resource for finding plenty of information about college, such as what colleges are the best ones for you to attend in order for you to excel in your chosen field of study. To get the best use out of your school’s guidance counselor, make sure to make an appointment at the guidance office. Before your scheduled appointment date, it is important that you write out a list of potential questions that you may want to ask your counselor in order to get the maximum use of your time with them. Some potential questions that you may want to ask the counselor should include:

  • Acceptance grades needed for your desired program and college
  • Financial cost of attending college
  • How to contact staff at the college you wish to attend in order to obtain further information.

Google is your friend

While looking for resources about college, the internet can be an extremely useful tool. After meeting with your high school’s guidance counselor, compile a list of colleges that you are thinking of attending. Once this list is made, take a look at the official websites for these colleges to find out more information about them, including the cost of attending the college of your choice.

Also make sure to search to see what people who have attended or are currently attending the school think about it. Many people like to write about their experience about college, and will be happy to field any questions that you may have about their college. Just make sure to remember that everyone will have varying accounts of their experiences, so make sure to read enough about your desired college, in order to separate the facts from fiction.

In conclusion, finding great college resources as a high school student requires some serious research and planning on your part. By following this guide, you should be able to get a little bit more organized, and figure out exactly which resources you need to investigate in order to plan out which college you wish to attend in the near future.

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