Identify Strengths that Help You to Achieve Goals for College as a Freshman

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Attending college is an exciting but also stressful affair. In order to do well in college, you need strengths that help you to achieve goals for college as a freshman. This article will take a look at some of the most important strengths that you need to possess in order to best achieve your aspirations.

Learn to get organized

In college, organization is key, thus organization is the first strength that is necessary to help you achieve your goals for college as a freshman. The first step in getting organized is to start using an agenda or calendar. Many college bookstores sell quality agendas that you can use to keep track of things. Alternatively, Google calendar is a free online calendar which can be used if you prefer to use an electronic calendar.

Once you obtain an agenda or calendar, start filling in important dates, such as:

  • Final exam and paper due dates
  • Birthdays
  • Social events (parties, bar outings, etc.)

Keeping track of things with an agenda will allow you to manage your time much more efficiently, and will also remind you of important dates coming up in the future.

Be a hard worker

Being a hard worker is equally as important as being organized, as even the most organized person will not do well in college if they are not a hard worker. Being a hard worker is a broad concept, and can be broken down into a few specific areas:

  1. Note taking and reviewing your notes is a key step in doing well on exams. Learn to take efficient notes, and each night briefly review your notes. This will help commit your notes to memory better, and you will be able to discover if you have any problem areas that need working on in a specific course.
  2. Plan study days before final exams. Allow for at least two hours of studying per day for three days before a final exam, and spend that time going over your notes and course readings. Spreading out the studying over a number of days will make studying less stressful, and will allow you to commit the material to memory better than a cramming session will.

Be social

Attending college is a very social experience, and college allows you to make a number of great friends and potential business partners. By having good communication skills, you can make your college experience much more fun and interesting. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others, and try to find people who have similar interests as you. Not only will they be fun to be around, but there is also the possibility of you learning useful things from them. Making friends at college will also give you an opportunity to feel like part of the college community, and can give you opportunities that you would not have otherwise.


As you can see, certain strengths are necessary for you to achieve your college goals as a freshman. By developing the aforementioned strengths, you can make your life as a college freshman much easier.