Gifts for Adult Men Going Back to School: Fun Ideas

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Gifts to Commemorate the Special Occasion

Although there are things within all budget ranges that you can get an adult going back to college, you want to be sure to make it something meaningful. One thing that he can enjoy each and every day of his college career is a really nice pen. I don’t simply mean a $5 Zebra click pen. Although it’s nice among casual pens, you want to go a bit extravagant here. Montblanc offers a basic pen for a man with discerning tastes, and they can be engraved with the returning student’s name or initials. You can also try looking at nicer pens at gift shops or fine men’s department stores. It’s up to you and how much you can spend on this celebration.

You may also opt to give him presents that are engraved with his anticipated date of graduation. These presents can include a pocket-watch, cell phone holder, money holder or wallet, among many other things. A man who is going back to college may have his eyes on the prize: college graduation. Yet, he may be going back to school as much for the experience as for the degree. Determine what the priority is of the man in your life who is returning to school; this will help you more clearly decide his gift. You could opt to engrave the date that he started college again or the month and year of his expected graduation. It’s all about perspective and what excites him the most.

Practical Gifts for a Man Returning to School

Another really special gift is something that the man returning to school can wear frequently. For example, a returning student may not know exactly how to dress right. He may be caught between wanting to dress like the professional adult that he is and wanting to fit it among jeans-wearing and short-wearing students. Ease his worries with some additions to his wardrobe that go well both in the classroom and at the office, which will be especially handy if he has to work as he continues his education. Select shirts that are modern, cool and stylish, yet that can also go discreetly underneath a nice blazer. Go for blue pants, not blue jeans. Make sure that he has shoes that look right for the casual college environment, yet nice enough to take him from work to school on some days.

You may also opt to give a man a big back-to-school gift basket. Include a lot of necessities that he will need in college, such as college-ruled notebook paper, folders, dividers and maybe something big, such as a printer or a netbook. While the smaller things would seem boring as individual presents, they become an exciting group of presents when placed within a gift basket. It will work as a great present and as a practical solution if money is tight for the returning college man.

Options for Gifts are Limitless

When it comes to picking out the perfect present for the man who is returning to school, you really are only limited by your own imagination and your knowledge of what the returning student himself may enjoy. Try to put yourself in his shoes. Another popular idea is gifting him with something very specific to his major, which is likely a huge passion in his life, since he is returning to college in its pursuit. A rare book about astronomy may truly excite a man who is pursuing a career in that field, and it also is practical, because he’ll probably be able to use it in his studies to some extent. Also, don’t be afraid of giving a gift card to the college bookstore; textbooks are costly, after all. That in and of itself can be a gift that keeps on giving for adult men going back to school.