Instantly Improve Your College Application Essay - How To Make Your Application Essay Shine!

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When writing a college application essay, many potential students write an essay that they feel is one that can potentially get them accepted to the college of their choice. Before final submission, you should always try to improve your essay, since even a very good college admissions essay has the potential to become an excellent one.

Hear The Essay

Reading the essay and hearing it may sound like the same thing but there are many errors and potential disasters that your mind may skip when reading the essay silently or asking someone to read it to themselves. Reading the essay out loud or having someone read the essay to you forces you to use two different senses through your eyes and ears which helps to detect any errors and imperfections in your essay. Many of the admissions officers read your essay aloud (if they feel its an especially good one) and if your essay has any mistakes then you could end up not making the most of your chance to rise to the top of the minds of the admissions officers and get accepted into the college of your choice.

Make Sure The Opening Statement Is A Hit

The opening statement is the first thing that your admissions officer will read in your essay and if they read something that fails to grab their attention, they will skim through your essay and instantly forget about it. The aim of the opening statement of your application essay is to grab the attention of the reader. A controversial statement, strong bold words, an interesting quote or statistics that show something amazing are great ways to open your college application essay and have the admissions officer reading your essay thoroughly. This can often mean the difference between acceptance and rejection to the college that you wanted to attend.

Check For Words That Are Dull And Repeated Too Often

One of the major ways to make your college admissions essay sound boring and repetitive is to use the same words repeatedly; this also makes your essay seem unprofessional. Using very vague, general words such as: good, fine and nice will often have the reader of your application essay drifting off to sleep. Replacing dull words with much more colorful synonyms will transform your essay to something that will keep the reader interested. Using the synonym tool within Microsoft Word will help with this respect or using a thesaurus while crafting your essay will help to keep it from sounding dull and repetitive.

Ensure That Your Essay Does Not Stray From The Point

Many students seem to want to identify every positive trait and simultaneously highlight every interesting aspect of their life, this makes your essay seem jumbled and unstructured. It is better for you to focus on one or two very important traits that will make an impression with the reader and keep your essay structured, clear and concise. These tips can help you to instantly improve your college application essay and help you get that thick letter containing your acceptance to the college of your choice instead of the slim letter of rejection.