Tips for Writing Your Best College Application Letter

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Get Going!

You’re in the fall of your senior year sitting at your desk on a Friday night at 11:32 pm staring at your laptop. You have a great title for your first run at the “College Application Letter,” yet you’re stuck on what to write next. Writing a letter of any type can prove to be an exhaustive contest between “want to,” how to," and “need to.” You are exhausted because you need all three working in synchronized content to write a “winning” application letter. Read below to find tips on how to write the best letter to get you acceptance letters from the colleges of your dreams.

Do Your Homework

Go to your Career Center and use the Internet to do your homework in finding out which colleges you want to attend and then ask yourself why these colleges are your top choices. Make sure that you understand what qualifications colleges are looking for in applicant pools and make sure you fit those profiles as a potential applicant. If you want to run track in college and are seeking an athletic scholarship make sure your letter includes accolades of your athleticism and write to impress.

Keep Your Letter Formal With Personalization

Get a good letter writing style book and use the proper format for heading your letter: Use Dear Ms. Walker, Admission’s Director instead of To Whom It May Concern as your heading. If you’ve done your homework, you will know who to address your letter to using names and titles. As you get into the letter, you will find ways to personalize the information to help Admissions’ staff see you as a person with a passion for getting into their college.

Tick All the Boxes

Introduce yourself: Let your first paragraph include relevant information about who you are; what school you’re graduating from; why you want to attend their college and other information requested in the application packet.

State your reasons for wanting to attend their college: Out of thousands of colleges globally, Admissions’ staff want to know why you have selected their college for your two or four year college experience. This is your opportunity to talk about how their exemplary “track” program coupled with your “outstanding” high school track experience will be a “win-win” for both of you.

End With the Beginning

Make your letter circular by ending it with a “Thank you for your consideration” and a reiteration of your passion for wanting to attend a particular college.

By creating a well researched and personalized college application letter, you can find your letter making the grade with Admissions’ staff at all of the colleges you are applying to for next fall.