Education Field Observation: Tips for College Education Students: Field Placements

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Tips for Education Majors Heading to the Classroom

College students must complete a certain amount of hours observing and teaching a few lessons before the all-important student teaching experience. This time in the classroom should not be hours to be logged. It should be a time to learn about the teaching profession and a chance to help students.

Act Professional During the Classroom Observation Time

Most college students are professional and respectful; however, every year it is shocking how some of the potential educators behave.

  • Do not treat the classroom observation or field placement as a time to be lazy or as a “blow off” class. Observe teaching practices and learn about the students.

  • Do not fall asleep. Act interested and try to gain from the experience. Students notice everything about a college student in the classroom.

  • Do not come hung-over or smelling of alcohol to the classroom. This should go without saying; however, a few college students do come to the classroom in this condition.

Dress Appropriately

Read the school dress code before arriving. Do not try to blend in with the student population; try to stand out as a future educator.

  • Some schools do not allow students to have nose, tongue or facial piercings. If the students are not allowed to have these then a college student should not have them either.

  • Clothing should be clean, neat and pressed.

  • Skirts should be knee length and pants should not be extremely tight.

Show Respect to the Cooperating teacher

Classroom teachers do not receive a large amount of money to fill out the forms or to assess a college student’s time in the school classroom. They accept college students out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • Email or call the teacher when one is sick, going to be late, or cannot come at the designated time.

  • Always ask if anything needs done. Offer to grade papers or to put up a bulletin board.

  • Send a card of thanks when the observation is complete.

Every quarter I welcome two to five college students into my classroom. I feel that this is my way to give back to profession. These are just a few tips to help make a field placement expereince successful. The key is to always act professional!