State-to-State A-Z List of Legitimate College Scholarships (Part One Includes Alabama to Pennsylvania)

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Before You Apply…

Before you go out there searching for scholarships, learn to recognize and differentiate between legitimate opportunities and scams.

  • First off, information about legitimate scholarships will not cost you anything even in the form of membership fees, registration or processing fees, donations or contributions. Be wary of sites that will present itself as a portal for free money for college but won’t tell you anything without processing a registration fee.

  • Genuine scholarships offers will not collect sensitive personal information such as SS number, credit cards or Paypal account. This could be attempts to steal your personal information masquarading as some sort of benefit to you.

  • Government websites do not require you to become a member and will direct you to Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), where you can submit your application online for the need-based aid. Any government site URL will end in .gov.

Federal grants are easier to find because you only need to access the Federal Student Aid website and then proceed to the college or university of your choice to find out if the school participates.

This article provides links to additional forms of aid in the form of scholarships. Both grants and scholarships are gifts you do not have to pay back.


  • Some scholarships have deadlines you must meet, so you may not be eligible for all of them this year.
  • Since most scholarships are now granted on a yearly basis, you may still have a chance to apply for next year.
  • Most of these scholarships based on need are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Some of the scholarships have been suspended due to lack of funds. Nevertheless, they were still included for advice purposes and for your future reference.

Some maybe included in a combined list that includes those granted based on academic merit.


Alabama Commission on Higher Education

  • Alabama Student Assistance Program- This is available to undergraduate Alabama student-residents who attend or will attend any of the 80 Alabama institutions participating in this program.

  • Alabama Scholarships for Dependent of Blind Parents- These scholarships are awarded to children of blind parents or heads of the family, whose family income is insufficient to cover for instructional fees and tuition of higher learning at an Alabama institution.

Alabama ETV Program

This is a state administered federal grant intended to help youths in foster care who were accepted or are enrolled in any Alabama accredited institution. The ETV Program is also offered in other states namely: Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington D.C.


State Funded Grants and Scholarships Administered by Northern Arizona College Resource Center (NACRC).

Arizona College Access Aid Program (ACAAP) - accessible through the latest State Student Grant Program through the Governor’s Office and is intended to help college sophomore and junior students with substantial financial needs and should be Pell eligible.

Special Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (SLEAP) - is a need-based aid similar to ACCAP but intended for students majoring in areas considered as important to the State’s workforce. However, students who have been awarded with ACCAP will no longer be eligible for SLEAP because, in the present financial situation funds are limited. This financial aid is also provided through the NACRC.


ASU’s List of Financial Aid

President Barack Obama Scholars- Open to first-time freshmen Arizona residents whose annual family income is $60,000 or less. These scholarships will be funded by combining Pell Grants, FSEOG, LEAP Grants, ASU gift assistance, and additional funding from private donors. In addition, the recipient renders Federal Work Study where the scholar earns additional funds to assist in fulfilling his financial need under the Student Employment Program.

ASU will consider admitting full-time freshmen directly coming from an Arizona high school and will undertake to cover direct costs less the Expected Family Contribution (ECF). Estimated for a term of 8 consecutive semesters which includes tuition fees, room, board, books and other supplies.


The Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE)- Below is the list of scholarships for students coming from low income or financially needy families, which can be sourced through ADHE:

  • Go! Opportunities Grant- This grant is awarded by ADHE based on the financial need of students coming from low-income families. This scholarship is awarded to first time freshman of US citizenship and must have been residing in Arkansas (including the parents or guardians) for the past 12 months before submitting an application.

  • The Workforce Improvement Grant- a scholarship based for non-traditional students who are at least 24-years old with a desire to return to school and finish their college degrees but are no longer eligible to receive the usual federal or state grant programs.

  • Arkansas ETV Program- the ETV Program is also offered in several other states namely Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington D.C.


  • ANC List of Foundation Scholarships and tuition waivers for gifted students needing financial assistance.


Scholarships awarded through the California Student Aid Commission:

Cal Grant B-Although there are also Cal Grants A. C and T, Cal Grant B (Endowment or Gift) is intended to provide for the tuition, fees and living allowance of first-year students coming from low-income California residents. Cal Grant B is of two types, one is endowment while the other is competitive.

The Child Development Grant Program- another need-based grant provided through the California Student Aid Commission. It aims to encourage students to take-up courses in the fields of Child Care and Development and to hold work in licensed development centers. This is open to students who plan to enroll in courses that lead to earning a Child Development Permit as a teacher, or as Master Teacher or as Site/Program Director or Supervisor.


Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan- Scholarships Based on Need– this need-based financial aid is system wide and open to California students enrolled in UCLA. A student who comes from a family with a household income of $80,000 per year (effective 2011-2012) and who can provide proof that he is in need of financial assistance and who is enrolled in the first year of a four-year course taken up at UCLA can apply. Deadline is on March 02 of the school year that the student plans to attend.

Paying for UC - Scholarships - Inquire about Regents Scholarship awards that range from $1,000 honoraria to scholarships for students who will qualify for financial assistance to cover full financial need.


Colorado Department of Higher Education- Financial Aid for Students

Colorado Need-based Awards: The following scholarship porgrams are available to qualified students:

  • Colorado Student Grant,
  • Colorado Graduate Grant
  • Colorado Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (CLEAP)
  • Supplemental Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (SLEAP). .

Colorado Work-Study: Financially needy students and those with work experience can find part-time employment from this program.


CSU Complete Financial Aid Guide of Grants, Scholarships granted by State, institution or private source.

New students should have to register for classes to be eligible to receive financial aid. In being officially enrolled, students will be provided with eID, which will enable them to log in at and then select Financial Aid as well as the appropriate aid year. Most of the requirements can be completed via RAMweb.

COLORADO MESA UNIVERSITY (formerly Mesa State College -MSC)

First General Scholarship- $1,000 per year granted to those who will be entering Western Colorado as freshmen and whose parents did not graduate from college, thus demonstrating financial need. Additional requirements include any two or three of the following: 2.5 GPA, graduated at the top 25% or a 21 ACT or 970 SAT.


UNC Tuition Award- Awarded to resident undergraduates attending full-time courses and demonstrating exceptional financial needs. The grants are funded through federal and state funds as well as from privted donors via the University of Northern Colorado Foundation.


Priority will be given for those who will submit applications is on of before March 1

Colorado Christian University Grant- This grant is awarded to students enrolled in the College of Undergraduate Studies who manifest lack of financial resources but the eligibility and amount may vary based on the ECF.

Partner Initiative Scholarships- CCU provides financial opportunities for potential students affiliated with Christian organizations, high schools and church or parachurch ministries who have partnered with CCU through their Partner Initiative Scholarships.

First Generation Minority Student Scholarship- granted by CCU to minority students whose parents did not attend college and can provide a demonstration of need for financial assistnace. The grant will be towards completing a college degree with CCU.


Colorado College Institutional Grants- There are about 260 scholarships administered and received as endowments and bequests, gifts from friends of the college, philanthropic organizations and alumni. Scholarships based on need are subject to verification of the parent’s financial cirumstances, which includes cases of divorce or separation.


Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program- This scholarship funding requires demonstration of critical financial need among students who have shown integrity and strong determination to overcome setbacks.

All financial aid applications, including those for need based scholarships, should be submitted at the RMCAD Financial Aid Office before the following priority dates:


This is a list of available general scholarships in which you can find grants awarded to students with academic merits but lack financial capacity, such as:

  • BOCES-Frank Kazmierczak Memorial Migrant Scholarship
  • Bank of America Joe Martin Scholarship
  • John Gyles Education Award
  • National Society Daughters of the American Revolution


State Funded Grants and Scholarships Based on Financial Need Administered by Connecticut Department of Higher Education

Capitol Scholarship- This is open to all Connecticut residents who are a senior high school student or graduate belonging to the top 20% of the class or with a SAT score of at least 1,800 or ACT score of at least 27. Up to $3,000 per year in grants are available to students enrolled in any Connecticut colleges or in colleges located in states that have a reciprocity agreement with the State of Connecticut: DC, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Connecticut Aid for Public College Students- Available to Connecticut residents attending public university or college. The awards to be granted are based on the amount of unmet need.

Connecticut Independent College Student Grant Program- This grant is open to Connecticut resident attending an independent college or university; up to $8,341 year is awarded.


Need-Based Grants and Scholarships Administered by the Delaware Dept. of Education on Behalf of the State of Delaware.

Scholarship Incentive Program (ScIP)- this grant is open to legal residents of Delaware, US citizens or eligible Non-US Citizen with financial needs based on results of FAFSA with minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Open to students enrolled as full-time as undergraduates at a non-profit but regionally accredited institution in Delaware or Pennsylvania or in undergraduate or graduate degrees not offered at Delaware State University, the University of Delaware or Delaware Technical and Community College.

Governor’s Education Grant for Unemployed Workers- this need-based grant is offered to help individuals who have lost their jobs as a result of the current economic crisis and are still unable to find employment in their current career field. To qualify, individuals must be currently unemployed but actively seeking employment for a minimum of 90 days. It is also important that the applicant is a high school graduate or a GED recipient.

Delaware Solid Waste Authority John P. “Pat” Healy Scholarship- This award is granted based on need and academic performance, leadership ability and school involvement. Open to high school students or full-time college students enrolled as a freshman or sophomore, majoring in Environmental Engineering or Environmental Sciences at a Delaware college; included as a requirement is a 500-word Essay.

First State Manufactured Housing Association Scholarship- Candidates must have been a resident of a manufactured home (mobile homes) prior to application. Granting will be based on evaluation of scholastic records, amount of financial need, essay and personal or professional recommendations.


DSU Advantage Grant- DASH and Heritage Scholarship recipients are not eligible but, recipients of this grant are also eligible to receive Aid to Needy Students (ANS) Grants.

Aid to Needy Students (ANS Grants)- open to any US citizen who just graduated from high school.

Delaware Scholarships for Undergraduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics- This scholarship based on financial need is also open to out-of-state enrollees of DSU.

DSU Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship – open to children of DSU Alumni by demonstrating a financial need. The applicant must write at least one paragraph about what the DSU Alumni Legacy scholarship will mean to the student and why financial support is needed. Letters of recommendation are also required coming from alumni of Delaware State University.


Private Need-Based Scholarship Granted via Wilmington University

Fresh Start Scholarship Fund- Is granted by the Wilmington Women in Business Inc. to any woman regardless of race, color, religion or creed wanting to return to school as a means of improving her life. Awards are paid to the college prior to the beginning of each semester and in no way exceeds the cost of attendance.

District of Columbia

STATE FUNDED GRANTS The DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DC- TAG) Program

DC Adoption Scholarship- aims to assist DC students, 24 years old and below, adopted from the DC Child and Family Services agency after Oct. 01, 2001 particularly those who lost one or both parents as a result of the 9/11 incident. The DC Adoption grant is neither need or merit based but the amount of grant to be awarded will be based on the outstanding financial need of the student after the other aids have been deducted from the university’s or college’s cost of attendance.


Friends of Architecture –Open to all senior students enrolled at UDC and admitted to Associate or Baccalaureate Programs in Architecture. Student must have at least 2.5 GPA.

International Students in All Majors- Award granted for tuition fees amounting to $3,000 open to International students who lost financial support wherein the financial need should be exhibited and the student should be enrolled for at least 9 credit hours minimum. The student must have 2.5 GPA or higher or have good academic standing.

Nutrition and Food Sciences Major in Dietetics- for students who top research projects and with a GPA of at least 3.0.

Olendar Foundation/Cadeaux Memorial Nursing- for students who wish to continue with their nursing studies and has completed at least 2 years of studies. GPA is at least 3.0.


Florida Department of Education (FDE) State Funded Need-based Scholarships and Grants

Note: Deadlines, eligibility requirements, award amount and application procedures will depend on the participating college or university.

First Generation Matching Grant Program-this is open to Florida residents who are undergraduate students in any of Florida’s participating educational institutions.

Florida Public Postsecondary Career Education Student Assistance Grant (FSAG-CE) Program- this is awarded to Florida residents enrolled in community colleges or regionally accredited career centers in certificate programs.

The Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG)Program- this is open to residents attending state universities and public community colleges or private non-profit 4-year colleges or universities or participating degree-conferring private colleges or universities not eligible under the Florida Private Student Assistance Grant.

Florida Work Experience Program- This is also a need-based program open to Florida residents, enrolled at least part-time at any participating and eligible college or university.

The Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund which is both merit and need-based college financial assistance granted to eligible students coming from Hispanic origins.

Mary Macleod Bethune Scholarship-This is awarded to undergraduates attending the Bethune-Cookman University, Florida A&M University, Florida Memorial University or Edward Waters College

Frederick W. and Grace P. Brecht Scholarship Grant- open to resident of Brevard County and a graduate of Brevard County High School.

Gates Millennium Scholars – This program is granted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and provides financial assistance to American Indian/Alaska Native, African American, Asian Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic American, undergraduate students should have outstanding abilities aside from demonstrating financial need. Graduate educations to pursue studies in math, science, education, engineering library science or public health are also eligible for this grant.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation –Programs are open to all incoming freshmen, undergraduates and post-graduate students.


Need-based Scholarship funded by Broward College

Health Foundation South Florida Sponsorship- Qualified students are those enrolled in the Nursing program with a GPA of 3.0 and have successfully completed Health Alterations 1 and Nursing Processing 2 as well as all other prerequisites of the program to be considered. As additional condition, students must agree to work at Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties for a minimum of 1 year for the 2 year term that the $3,000 grant is awarded.

College Scholarships for Students with Financial Need Coming from Private Sources granted via Broward College

  • John Nandor Orias Memorial Scholarship
  • New Opportunities to Reach Tomorrow‘s Heights
  • WVV Circle of Excellence Scholarship
  • Pompano Proud Sch0olarship
  • Diane Foster Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Club of Dania Beach Scholarship
  • Michelle A. Lawless Environmental Scholarship
  • College Scholarships for Students from Foster Care
  • Air Traffic Control Association Scholarship Program
  • Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award


DSC Foundation Scholarships and Grants- This is an example of a website that requires your PIN to log-in in order to get information about need based scholarships**.**

Daytona State Need Grants- open to undergraduates of AA, AS, AAS, BAS, BS or eligible post secondary adult vocational certificate programs. Maximum grant is $1,000 per semester, albeit limited.

Daytona State Vocational Need Grants- this is open to all undergraduates of post secondary adult vocational certificate programs. Funds are limited but grants of up to $1000 is awarded.


Offers numerous scholarships to students who apply through their online system, Titan Awards.


Church and Campus Need-Based Scholarships awarded to Presbyterian members who are involved in church and community work. Pastoral recommendation is likewise required.


Flagler College Grants- ranging from $200 to $2,000 are awarded to students who are considered as the neediest depending on the level of their needs and financial aid being received as package.


FAU General Scholarships- the minimum criteria for these scholarships are based on academic criteria and financial needs. However, it is reminded that meeting the minimum criteria will guarantee the student’s selection.

FAU External Scholarships- FAU is a recipient of financial contributions from thousands of private institutions, foundations and individuals who contribute to the granting of scholarship funds. The link herein serves as a directory for both need-based and merit-based scholarships to deserving individuals who need financial assistance.

  • Bank of America Florida Community Scholar Program- $12,000
  • Walter Gaeser Scholarship - $500
  • Community Foundation Scholarship Programs- for both need-based and merit-based financial assistance. You will find two separate directories for Palm Beach and Martin Counties since the foundation has been awarding more than 1,200 scholarship grants since 1983.
  • FAU-Pepsi Cola Scholarships


FKCC Scholarships via Full Time Degree Seeking 2-Year Awards for Florida Residents; First Generation in College; Nursing, Business and General Scholarships


George Jenkins Scholarships- these are offered by FSC to freshmen who graduated from a Florida High School and a resident of Florida. The student must demonstrate both financial needs and leadership potentials. A minimum GPA of 3.2 is required. The scholarships granted are valued at $125,000 each as it covers a four-year cost of attendance plus $3,000 annual stipend. Applicants will undergo Interview.

Hazel Haley Scholarship Fund-Recipients will be selected from graduates of Lakeland High School with proven financial needs and who will be pursuing bachelor degrees majoring in Education or English. A $2,500 award is granted per year or a total of $10,000 per year.


FSU Scholarships for students with financial need are mostly provided by the Southern Scholarship Foundation (SSF)

The foundation offers need-based financial aid to outstanding college students needing financial assistance to realize their dreams of obtaining a college education. In addition the foundation provides rent-free housing to deserving students in a cooperative living environment. Currently, SSF operates 13 scholarship houses at Florida State University and maintains its office at SSF, 322 Stadium Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32304, or calling 850.222.3833 for more information.


Cory Rierson Scholarship -Scholarship based on financial need funded by the institution that offers up to 25% reduction of regular tuition fees for students enrolled in any of the following BS Degrees: Computer Animation; Digital Arts and Design and Web Development. The applicants should demonstrate financial need.


GEORGIA STUDENT FINANCE COMMISSION (GSFC) - administrator of the State Funded scholarships, grants and loans.

Georgia’s Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Grant (GLEAP)- This is to provide Georgia residents with the financial assistance they need in order to meet the cost of attendance at any accredited and participating public and private colleges or universities and technical colleges in Georgia. The applicant should be Pell Eligible.


AASU Bulletin Board of Scholarships

  • Abbot and Fenner Scholarship
  • AASU Staff Scholarship
  • The Sallie Mae 911 Educational Fund
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Army Emergency Relief


Find the following CCG need-based scholarships funded by private foundations**-**

Rich Products Endowment Scholarship, Bertha S. Galin Endowment Scholarship, J. Roy Duggan Endowment Scholarship, Dr. Cristine E. Ejlali Scholarship, Maude Davis Daniel Memorial Scholarship, Camden Sheriff’s Memorial Scholarship, Brunswick Rotary Club Scholarship, Brunswick Incentive Grant, Joseph and Minnie G. Borchardt Endowment Scholarship and Judith A. Bodolay Scholarship.


Information about Gainesville State College Foundation Sholarships and other types of financial assistance.

Hispanic Scholarship Funds

American Indian College Fund


Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Scholarship Programs (Complete descriptions are found at the bottom of the list).

Gene H. Cates Memorial Scholarship, David Voigt Carswell Memorial Scholarship, William E. Carroll Scholarship, Carpet Industry Scholarship, Tommy Carlisle Scholarship, Sam Carastro Family Scholarship, Robert Burton Caldwell Scholarship, John A. & Joyce K. Caddell/Caddell Construction Co. Scholarship, John H Burnett Scholarship, Joseph B Browder Scholarship, Kevin F Brennan Scholarship, Samuel P. Bratton Scholarship, Francis H. Brantley Scholarship, Henry and Margaret Bourne Scholarship FundGuy R. Bostain Memorial Scholarship, these are just a few and you still can find a lot more on this webpage.


GSWU’s General Scholarships where you can find the following need-based financial aid for college students provided by private sources:

Jennie Strange Scholarships;Lula Finch Stephens Scholarship, Marshall Pryor Scholarship, T. Harvey Mathis Scholarship, Alice Kelley Mathis Scholarship and E. R. Hogg Scholarship


The following are scholarships available to incoming freshmen students with demonstrated financial needs:

  • Lanette L. Suttles Scholarship
  • Marcia Baker Carroll and Almand “Bo” Carroll Scholarship
  • Netzel Scholarship
  • The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund AwardLanette L. Suttles Scholarship


SGC Foundation’s Packet for Scholarships- Find need-based scholarships provided by the following private sources:

Arthur Farrar Minority Scholarship, Bruce and Margaret Edwards, Jr. Scholarship and Dr. Edwin Davis Memorial Scholarship. Deadlines for submission of an application is March 31st for fall admission and November 30th for spring admission.


UGA’s Combined List of Merit-based and Need-based Scholarships (you need to scroll down the page) and you will find need-based scholarships like the following:

Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship, UGA Alumni Association Scholarship and Shaw-White Family Scholarship


This is VSU’s combined list of merit and need-based scholarships–the following donors provide financial aid for college students who have demonstrated financial needs.

  • Catherine Hensley McDonal Memorial Scholarship- Business-Vocational Education program
  • Ola M. Brown Minority Scholarship - College of Education
  • Steele Scholarship- College of Business Administration
  • Andy Koppy Memorial Scholarship- College of Arts and Science
  • Harold S. Gulliver Sr. Memorial Scholarship College of Arts and Science
  • Alpha Kappa Delta Scholarships - College of Arts and Science
  • Tammy Lee Fotner Scholarship- Dept. of Arts
  • University Wide Scholarship (combined merit and need)
  • Ty Cobb Scholarship
  • Wine & Spirits Wholesaler of Georgia Scholarship


THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII SYSTEM (UHS) You will be directed to UH Foundation’s database search page for college scholarships.

The Second Century Scholarship is a need-based financial assistance extended to Native Hawaiian students with demonstrated financial need. This scholarship is spread out to students across different UH System and the amount will depend on the student’s financial need and funds available.

Hawaii State Need-Based Opportunity Grant for students who native residents of Hawaii with demonstrated financial need and must be Pell Eligible


Pacific Islander Scholarship applicant must demonstrate financial need based on FAFSA enrolled either as undergraduate, graduate or post-baccalaureate enrollee. The maximum amount granted as of 2010-2011 is $2,556.


UHM Financial Aid Home Page – contains the list of all UHM Scholarships and External Links; which includes the following general scholarships that are not necessarily need or merit based Annie Yee Piianaia Endowed Fund for Kapiolani CC, ASUH-KCC Scholarship Fund, Adlawan and Heritage Perpetual Endowed Scholarship, AlohaCare Believes in Me Scholarship.


Find University of West O’ahu’s need-based scholarship programs: (1) Henry & Dorothy Castle Memorial Early Childhood Education Scholarship (2) Native Hawaiian Tuition Waiver (3) Second Century Scholars Program (4) State of Hawai`i B Plus Scholarship .


HCC List of Need-Based Scholarships Funded by Private Institutions


Grants and Scholarships Funded by the State of Idaho


CSI Funded Scholarships

CSI Privately Funded Scholarships


The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation

LCSC-Combined List of Merit and Need-based College Scholarships Awarded per Department


NIC Combined List of Merit and Need-based College Scholarships

NI Administered J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation “Go On” Scholarship


ISU Scholarships Awarded to Freshmen And New Transfer Students.

ISU Open Scholarships


UI Scholarships for Continuing College

UI Scholarship Privately Funded Scholarships


State Funded Grants Through the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission which administers the State Funded Grants and Scholarships recently announced a suspension of all 2010-2011 monetary awards and scholarship programs. In relation to this advisory, ISAC Indicated a cut-off period to serve as guide in determining which applications submitted for evaluation to the ISAC may be adversely affected.


This is a list of scholarships available from UI; however, the university does not guarantee the availability and the selection methods used in determining which application will be accepted. Interested applicants will have to coordinate with the private organization directly since UI is not involved in administering these types of need-based scholarships.

The American Indian Fund- Various scholarships are provided by this organization and require the submission of the following basic documents: official college transcript, tribal enrollment verification or proof of descent, a recommendation letter and proof of financial need. You may also consider similar organizations like the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and Association of American Indian Affairs for additional resources for your scholarship-hunt.

Elks National Foundation - This organization provides 4-year scholarships, which range from $1,000 to $15,000 per year for graduating high school students based on leadership skills and financial need.

UI Scholarship Database – You may want to check this database page for UI’s comprehensive list of grants based on both merit and need under their administration at this URL:


The Everett & Florence Drumright Scholarship, a special scholarships for $1,000 in which selection is based upon a combination of merit and financial need conditions. Thei offer is for UIC students only.


CSU List of Scholarship Opportunities- Explore this page as a resource for general financial aid and not necessarily need-basis scholarships.


Types of aid available from SUIC. Find scholarships offered to those who lack financial resources, such as: The Amstutz Memorial Award, Arah May Dunn Belbas Scholarship and College of Applied Sciences, Arts Scholarship Fund (tuition waiver) and the New Student in Dental Hygiene.

SIUC Green Scholarship

SWIC’s external scholarship offer for the incoming school year is the SIUC Green Scholarship, particularly for those who are Interested in solving environmental problems. College students, recognized as US citizens or permanent US residents, majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) who meet the minimum 3.0 transfer GPA, with genuine interests in environmental issues. may get in touch with the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Service Center or call SIUC College of Science at 618-536-6666. Application and requirements can be requested online at on or before March 15, 2011.


SIUE List of Institutional Scholarships- includes the following:

The E Guarantee is open to Illinois Freshmen with zero Expected Family Contribution (ECF) and still the financial resources after all Federal aid had been applied. Students considered are those coming from families who are below federal poverty guidelines.

Johnetta Haley for Continuing Students- this is applicable only to in-state tuition for students who can maintain a minimum of 2.90 cumulative GPA. Selection is based on combined academic performance and financial requirements.


State Student Assistance Commission Overview of State Funded Grants and Scholarships

Frank O’Bannon Grant- formerly known as the Indiana Higher Education Grant Program is open to Hoosier students who intend to attend eligible postsecondary institutions. This grant does not require repayment and is available to an Indiana resident from December 31st of the year prior to the school year being applied for.


IUB’s List of Merit or Financial Need Scholarships are provided through the following:

  • Indiana University Foundation Scholarships which requires the student to file a separate application aside from the FAFSA.

  • The Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Cohen Scholarship- this need-basis scholarship is open to incoming freshmen who have visual, auditory or other impairment, preferably given to Indiana residents coming from rural communities.


IP-FW’s List of General Scholarships and Grants - the following are some examples of grants based on financial need:

Association of IPFW Women Scholarship- it is the aim of this scholarship to provide funds that will help the student cover fees for services provided by the IPFW Child Care. The student’s unmet financial requirements will be the main consideration; although, a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 is a requisite. This is open to all junior or senior students enrolled at IPFW on a full-time basis.

B. Davis Scholarship- Deadline of this scholarship will be on May 28, 2010 with an award value of $1,000. Open to all undergraduates who are between the ages of 16 and 30 and currently enrolled in any post secondary educational institution.

Class of 1991 Scholarship- available to students who have completed at least two semesters at IPFW, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5; while FAFSA will be the basis in determining the student’s financial requirements.


Ball State Scholarships- The institution encourages the searcher to explore the list thoroughly; many of the more than 500 scholarships are intended for the financially needy.

Harry Watkins Minority Scholarship This scholarship is available to minority students who are residents of Indiana with a grade point average of 3.0.

Carolyn Jean Miller Memorial Scholarship- This scholarship aims to provide assistance to nursing students pursuing a degree in their capacity as single parent; if no single-parent is eligible, secondary preference will be given to non-traditional nursing students based on need and talent.


USI’s List of Grants- Discover the Nursing Scholarship Fund Program and the Twenty-First Century Scholars Program; these are college scholarships based on lack of financial means.

Nursing Scholarship Fund Program- this scholarship will provide tuition fee resources based on FAFSA of Indiana residents enrolled in a first- or second-year nursing program, for at least half-time or 6 semester hours.

Twenty-First Century Scholars Program- this scholarship is aimed at raising the educational capabilities of low-income families by providing college education to their children. In as early as 6th, 7th and 8th grades, students can register with this scholarship program and fulfill a pledge of good citizenship to the state of Indiana which can guarantee them the cost of four-year college tuition at any participating public college or university in Indiana.



All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship (AIOS) is extended to high school students with satisfactory performance and demonstrating financial needs. This is different from the plain individual scholarship. See

The Iowa Grant- available to Iowa students attending Regent Universities, independent colleges and universities, and community colleges throughout Iowa. Priority in awarding the maximum grant of $1,000 per year for four years of full-time, undergraduate study is given to students with the greatest unmet financial requirements.


UI’s List of Donor-Funded Freshmen Scholarships- Those seeking financial assistance as their main concern should submit FAFSA applications for evaluation of their ECF. Find scholarships like:

Tom Brokaw Scholarship Fund--Is a scholarship awarded to first-year Native Americans and based on financial need and merit.

Virginia Es’Dorn Rigler and Robert R. Rigler Scholarship--This is awarded to first generation of promising students as determined by the Office of Admissions. Preference will be given to candidates coming from needy rural Iowa areas.

Robert P. Stack Memorial Scholarship--This is awarded to incoming first-year students from each of the three Iowa City high schools all showing academic merit as well as financial need. Interested students should contact their high school guidance counselor since they have to be nominated by their high school in order to be considered.


ISU –Office of Financial Aid lists of all scholarships which include the following financial assistance programs:

Ag Business or Econ Scholarship for Incoming Freshman who have good scholastic standing wherein their high school GPA or SAT score will demonstrate their academic performance and leadership abilities. The interested student should submit a personal statement why he has chosen Ag Business or Econ as his choice of major including explanations about his or her lack or insufficiency of monetary resources.

Gyles, John Education Fund- this is open to students with full Canadian or American citizenship enrolled in any area of postsecondary education with a minimum of 3.0 GPA who possess academic ability aside from financial need. Students who will be selected will be entitled to receive $3,000.


HCC List of Scholarships- this list contains numerous scholarship offers but they do not specify whether financial need is a criterion. Nevertheless, the HCC website provided information that some of these scholarships are being granted on a need-basis.


CMSCC’s List of outside scholarship opportunities contains other sources of financial assistance for students enrolling at CMsCC as exemplified by the following:

Governor’s Iowa State Fair Scholarship- this is open to Iowa high school seniors and current college students who demonstrate ability and need. To qualify, interested applicants are required to submit a written application, write an essay and provide three reference letters.

AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship- Scholarship funds are provided to women, 40 and above who are seeking new skills, training and educational enrichment in order to meet the qualifications demanded in the present job market. This opportunity is available to individuals with moderate to low income and limited financial resources.


Kansas Board of Regents- This body administers the state funded Kansas Scholarships and Financial Aid. Programs, which include college assistance extended to the Kansas ethnic minority, prisoners of war, dependents and spouses of military personnel who have died in action, dependents of slain police officers and foster children. Applications for these programs can be completed online.

Financially needy but academically competitive students who have high school GPA of at least 3.00 and belonging to the high school’s rank of upper 33% as well as who have completed the Kansas Scholars Curriculum selection by the National Merit Corporation or the College Board of Hispanic Scholars (whichever is applicable) are the most likely candidates.


KU’s Scholarship Application- this web page will provide you with information about the available KU scholarships by exploring the lower portion of the webpage content. Find need-basis scholarships like the following:

  • Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association- financial aid from $1,000 to $5,000 is available for nursing or pre-nursing students with demonstrated financial incapacity.
  • Delta Theta Chi Scholarships-To qualify for these scholarships which award as much as $1,800 to $3,500 as financial assistance, the interested applicant should show proof of high scholastic average and evidence of financial aid.
  • Kaw Valley Quail Unlimited Larry Campbell Memorial Scholarship- This $5,000 scholarship is open to juniors, seniors, or graduate students majoring in wildlife or wildlife management who have financial need.


State Funded Grants for Kentucky Higher Education - State funded financial aid for Kentucky residents enrolled in accredited independent colleges and universities who are seeking need-based financial assistance. Please click on the left-side menu in order to access the webpage for the following grants and scholarships.

Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG Program)- This program aims to assist students in meeting higher tuition costs at private colleges. In order to qualify, students must be full-time undergraduates and presently enrolled in any associate or baccalaureate degree program and should have no existing past due financial obligations to KHEAA or to any Title IV program. The student’s chosen school should qualify as an accredited educational institution by a regional accrediting association listed in the Kentucky statute KRS 164.740(17) and should not be solely dedicated for religious instruction.

Kentucky Go Higher Grant- a state funded grant for adults 24 years and older and enrolled in a participating Kentucky College or University. Awards are up to $1,000 for each academic year. Interested applicants should be Kentucky residents who are natural US citizens or permanent US residents with demonstrated unmet financial requirements.

College Access Program (CAP)- this program is extended to financially needy undergraduate students who are Kentucky residents attending accredited and participating public and private colleges and universities, proprietary schools and technical colleges. In order to qualify, students must be enrolled for at least six semester hours (half time) in at least a 2-year academic program that takes at least two years to complete while having a total expected family contribution (EFC) that cannot exceed $4,617.


Spalding University’s List of Outside Scholarships- with the likes of the John Gyles Education Award and the Kute Family Scholarship Fund. The university maintains that these privately funded scholarships are in no way connected to them; it will be the student’s responsibility to research and coordinate with the related offices regarding any application processes and approval.


UL’s List of outside scholarships- Find scholarships extended by organizations like The _R William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship for Minority Students_and the River City Business & Professional Women’s Foundation, Inc. These scholarships are offered to financially needy students.


Louisiana State University Systems administers federal and state granted fund available via the following types of aid:

Louisiana GO Grants (LAGO)- open to Pell eligible students as need-based financial assistance to support nontraditional and low to moderate-income students.

Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) This is a comprehensive program of state funded scholarships for students from the State of Louisiana wherein awards are extended in three different levels, namely the TOPS Opportunity Award, TOPS Performance Awards and TOPS Honors awards. Those seeking for purely financial assistance will have better opportunities applying for the TOPS Opportunity Award.


The Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) Administers the state funded scholarships and grants which consist mostly of dental and other health education opportunities as well as provisions for tuition waivers especially for youth who are in foster care or whose parent/s were killed in the line of duty and non-degree quality child care programs.


This web page provides links to other branches of Maine’s University System, as well as external sources for additional financial aid. Aside from FAME, get connected to MES of Maine Education Services where you will find additional need-basis resources in the forms of _The Maine Legislative Memorial Scholarship_and The Richard H. Pierce Family Foundation Scholarship Fund.


UMA’s Starting Page for Alphabetical List of All Scholarships available from A-Z where you can find awards that do not require repayment like the Augusta Rotary Club Scholarship, Augusta Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Bath Iron Works Scholarships, John Blodgett Scholarship, Business and Professional Women’s Club Scholarship, Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation Scholarship Awards and many more. The university maintains that the student’s FAFSA will be the main basis for determining the student’s need for financial assistance, so be sure to complete your FAFSA forms early.


NMCC’s List of Current and Available Scholarships through organizations like the AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship and the Caribou Business and Professional Women’s Interim Scholarships.


YCCC’s List of Available Scholarships- The institution determines the applicant’s eligibility based on FAFSA/ECF. Explore other financial assistance extended by private foundations like The Barking Foundation, or The Mitchell Scholarship Program.


**State Funded Grants and Scholarships -**Visit the Ohio Board of Regents webpage where you can find academic and need-based financial assistance for Ohio students planning to enter universities and colleges in the state of Ohio.

The Ohio College Opportunity Grant Program (OCOG) provides scholarships for need based assistance for college offered to Ohio residents in pursuit of an associate’s or bachelor’s degree or nursing diploma program in one of Ohio’s participating and accredited institutions. Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $2190 or less based on FAFSA and whose maximum household income is $75,000.


An E-List of Scholarships Awarded at Ohio University – Ohio University is proud of the honor bestowed upon it by private donors in providing scholarship support to their current students. This is why numerous scholarship awards are being offered to incoming freshmen via this webpage.

If you want to explore OSU’s entire scholarship list, simply click on the “View All” or navigate the page to look for the following scholarship:

  • 1967 Senior Class Memorial Scholarship Fund,
  • 1968 Senior Class Memorial Scholarship Fund,
  • Ague/Haushalter Scholarship Fund - 124
  • Alec Parsons Scholarship in the College of Engineering.


CSU’s List of scholarships for need based assistance for college can be found among the following foundations and programs: Cleveland Scholarship Programs, Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation, Student Inventors Scholarships, Coca-Cola 2-year College Scholarships, Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships, Gates Millennium Scholarships, NCAA (Sports) Scholarships, Internships National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students.


SSU Development Foundation Scholarship- this is contained in a comprehensive scholarship packet where you can find numerous financial assistance for both merit and need. Below are some examples of the need-based assistance you will find:

  • American Savings Bank Scholarship for children or grandchildren of ASB employee while maintaining a 2.8 GPA.
  • Appleton Family Scholarship for undergraduates with at least 2.5 or 3.00 GPA or better plus 2 letters of recommendation from SSU faculty.
  • Elleser, Peg Memorial Scholarship- extended to students with athletic or sports training with a GPA of at least 3.0 GPA.
  • Gates, Larry and Penny Scholarship for junior or senior students with a degree considered as a helping hand profession. Students should demonstrate financial need and must maintain at least 3.0 GPA.


YSU’s List of Scholarships- offer the Martin Luther King Inner-City Achievement Award as a scholarship for need based assistance available to incoming freshmen and current students who are graduates of Youngstown/Warren inner-city schools. Demonstration of financial need requires that students must submit their FAFSA by February 15th to be considered as a priority list. The need-based awards amount to $1500 per academic year for students who are in good standing and with at least 2.5 GPA.


Find Oklahoma State funded grants and scholarships in this portal developed by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG) - is a need-based scholarship for Oklahoma residents who are enrolled in Oklahoma’s accredited colleges and universities whether full-time or part-time as undergraduate students.

Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant (OTEG) - This scholarship is for need based assistance awarded to Oklahoma residents who are enrolled as full-time undergraduates in any accredited Oklahoma not-for-profit, private or independent postsecondary educational institutions wherein the students must demonstrate financial need through their FAFSA.


CU’s List of Financial Assistance Scholarships

The Fern Brown Memorial Fund Scholarship-this scholarship was created to provide financial aid for students who have demonstrated above average performance in the pursuit of studies and who have no other aid from this particular scholarship. The eligible student should submit his FAFSA and must attend a degree granting public or private university in Oklahoma.


CAS’s List of Scholarships

  • Charles E. & Myrtle Burnett Memorial Preference will be given to full-time students who are graduates of Spiro or Heavener High Schools coming from a Cherokee or Choctaw descent evidenced by a CDIB card; graduates of Spiro or Heavener High Schools; and for students who are pursuing health-care related careers, all of whom demonstrate financial need.
  • J.P. (Jack) & Eva M. Gaither Memorial – Preference for the recipient of this scholarship is a student from the Heavener area with financial need.
  • Senator Clem and Mrs. Cecil Hamilton Memorial - This endowed scholarship for need based assistance for college is awarded to a Heavener resident with financial need.
  • Hamilton Family - This scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to a Panama graduate with financial need.
  • Tula Himes Memorial - This endowed scholarship has no particular requirement specified except for evidence of financial need.


MSC’s Foundation Scholarships- search here for need based assistance for college.


RSC created a new webpage called the Scholarship Manager. In order to access the tools, the interested applicant has to create an account and will be guided accordingly.


TCC’s List of Scholarships


UCO has an extensive resource of scholarships granted and you can find most of the need based scholarships under the Departmental Scholarships, Campus Activity and Special Programs Scholarships and Minority Scholarships.


WOSC’s Lists of Scholarships include Western Tuition Waiver Scholarships, Agriculture Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships and Music Scholarships are available to interested students who wish to apply. Out-of-State Tuition Waiver Scholarships are also available to out-of-state incoming students who wish to apply by getting in touch with the Admissions Office for consideration.


OREGON STUDENT ASSISTANCE COMMISSION- State Funded Oregon Opportunity Grants open to college bound Oregon residents. Explore this page for other scholarships for need based assistance for college.

The Oregon Opportunity Grant (OOG) used to be known as the State Need Grant which is Oregon’s largest state-funded need-based grant program for students who plan to pursue a career in college. This program was established as early as 1971 by the Oregon Legislature as a way of helping Oregon’s neediest college-bound students.


RCC’s Search Page for All Current Scholarships includes scholarship for need based assistance for college provided by College Prowler “NO ESSAY” Scholarship; Barbara Palo Foster Memorial Scholarship; Chafee Education and Training Scholarship.


SOCC’s Foundation Scholarship Information will include scholarship for need based assistance for college provided by Sharon Barnett Memorial Scholarship, Bay Area Sportsman’s Association Scholarship, Benzzerides Scholarship, Jack and Margaret S. Dean Scholarship, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, Distinguished Alumni Scholarship, Hales Scholarship, Floyd Ingram Scholarship, Locker Family Scholarship and many more.


UP List of Options for Different Types of Scholarships are extensive and varied and are usually general in nature without specific reference to a scholarship based on need. Explore these scholarships to find additional scholarships for need based assistance for college you may be looking for.


WOU 2010-2011 List of Scholarships is extensive and varied and most of them are General Scholarships offered by the institution or private donors. Nevertheless, a visit to this page might just lead you to the scholarship you are looking for, albeit not need-based.


PENNSYLVANIA STATE Grant Program are administered by Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA). Checkout the Special Programs page to find more scholarships for need based assistance for college.


BU Scholarships Listings and Information


CU’s List of Scholarships and Awards

James Hughes Memorial Scholarship Fund- this program provides recognition as well as financial assistance to low-income families and who are disadvantaged citizens residing in Philadelphia, attend any of the public high schools in the School District of Philadelphia, and who wish to pursue a college education in universities of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.


CLARION’s Lists of Scholarships

Field-Brock Coburn Scholarships are for those who intend to pursue a career in Library Science. They should demonstrate financial need as determined by FAFSA. Preference will be given to incoming freshmen resident or students attending the Clarion Campus. Lorraine I. Johnson Mathematics Scholarship Endowment- to be considered for this scholarship, the student should be enrolled full time with a major in mathematics or secondary education mathematics. Demonstration of financial need will be based on a current FAFSA form. In addition, students must maintain a minimum high school grade point average of a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.


ESU List of Scholarships (please click on the icon per category to drop down the menu found below) to find the need based scholarships like the Allen Greene Scholarship, Board of Governors Tuition Scholarship for Cultural Diversity, Dr. Frederick S. Brown & Marion Pelton Brown Scholarship, John Arslanian Scholarship, McDonough/McNulty Endowed Scholarship, Richard and Clare Hahn Scholarships, Richard J. Farmer 85’ Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Robert and Marian Willever Endowed Scholarship and Therese M. Macaluso Endowed Scholarship.


IUP List of Outside Scholarships and Fellowships

  • The Pittsburgh Foundation has the honor of being the seventeenth largest community foundation in the country. Numerous scholarship opportunities await students enrolled at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

  • JPMorgan Chase/UNCF Corporate Scholars Programs - here scholars will participate in 8-10 week paid internships and receive financial assistance up to $10,000. Considered as eligible are sophomore and junior students enrolled in any of the following: bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, computer information systems, economics, engineering, finance, marketing, mathematics, operations management, or software engineering and should be able to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2.

  • The United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Scholarships- The United Jewish federation of Greater Pittsburgh will award grants to students who are residents of Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland counties. Student must have demonstrated need.

  • Soil and Water Conservation Society Scholarship- The Keystone Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is extending two $500 scholarships to college undergraduate students enrolled in the fields of agriculture, environmental studies, soils, or natural resources. Awards will be given on the basis of an essay, academic merit, financial need, and educational and career goals that uphold the SWCS mission.


PS-Abington List of Outside Scholarship Opportunities

  • Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia- offered to students that are of Greek Descent with outstanding academic and financial need; must be enrolled full-time in a degree program.

  • Alpha Sigma Lambda- these scholarships are provided to students who are at least 24 years of age, and with at least 30 completed credits, a 3.2 GPA, and also have financial need.

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