Accelerad Diploma: Can I Use my Accelerated Diploma at Any College?

Accelerad Diploma: Can I Use my Accelerated Diploma at Any College?
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Can I Use My Accelerated Diploma at Any College?

This a question many students wonder, when graduating from college a semester or year early. Fortunately, the answer to this question is yes, but you may have to overcome some obstacles when first enrolling into the colleges of your choice.

With experience of entering college with an accelerated diploma myself, after graduating high school after 3 years, I entered college at age 17. Throughout the rest of this article, some important expectations and guidelines will be covered when using an accelerated diploma for college.

Graduating Early and College Applications

The process for submitting an application to college will be exactly the same process as if you were a graduating senior entering college. Obviously, the proper test scores and high-school transcript must be sent to the college, so make sure the high school office knows you are graduating early, so they can send out your transcript, and complete the required exams required for your desired college, such as the ACT or SAT and placement testing.

Since you are an early graduate, you must personally keep track of the graduation and application process yourself, since it’s easy for both the high school and university to forget steps in the process you need them to complete, before starting college.

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Using an Accelerated Diploma to Sell Your Application

Although you may run into some obstacles when applying to colleges, it’s important you use the accelerated diploma to your advantage in your college application. Having an accelerated diploma shows maturity, determination, motivation, a desire to learn, a desire to succeed, and good signs of a high-achieving student through future college years. This must all be explained in the application, especially in the paper you may be required to submit.

Not only can you use an accelerated diploma to help you get into any college, but you may also be qualified for scholarships. Every year, millions of dollars of scholarships are given to students displaying outstanding academic features, such as graduating early, obtaining good grades, or even being a part of certain academic clubs. Simply doing an online search for accelerated diplomas can bring in free college money, just for obtaining your accelerated diploma.

Accelerated Diploma Restrictions

can i use my accelerated diploma for any college

There may be some restrictions placed on any new freshmen entering college, as individuals with accelerated diplomas are often younger than the average person attending college. One restriction I has was living in the dorms, since I was under age 18 and was considered a high responsibility for the staff, being such a young age.

Other restrictions may be certain classes requiring students to be 18 or older, in order to learn the content of the class or participate in more risky experiments. For example, the student may have to postpone taking science courses, due to dangerous experimentations, or social science classes, as the information is geared toward a more socially mature audience.

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