College Scholarships for Juniors in High School

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As a student planning on attending college mostly through scholarship, it will be imperative to start early. Most scholarships require you to be a senior in high school. This is so they can get a better understanding of who you are academically, and in extra curricular activities. However, there are some scholarships for juniors in high school for college. The most common description a Junior will find on a scholarship application indicating that they qualify to fill it out is when the application specifies for Juniors AND Seniors. Here are some helpful resources to get you started.

A Starting Place

A great website to get you started on scholarship applications as early as middle school is This is a national website for scholarships that most national scholarships will register through. This site is free and widely encouraged as a starting resource for college bound students. The initial process takes a while to complete as it asks you every question imaginable about you and your hobbies. This can be a bit frustrating, but works out in the end as it filters scholarships in accordance to your profile. For examples, if you do well in music, it will automatically have scholarships in the music area that you qualify for. It does much of the sorting for you, which can be a huge time saver. Another website very similar to fastweb is Some scholarships may overlap between the two sites, but many are unique to each site, giving you a larger pool.

Location Location Location…

The two sites listed above are great starting points for students, but there are many other avenues to search for scholarships for juniors in high school for college. To increase your odds of winning a scholarship, you will want to put yourself in a smaller applicant pool, or a pool that gives out several scholarships. The best way to do this is to search for scholarships locally. If you have a career center or scholarship office at your school, be sure to visit them regularly, and ask about new incoming scholarships frequently. People working in these fields are there to help you succeed so be sure to take advantage of them! Outside of this resource, check your community website, or ask around local businesses for scholarships that may not be advertised well.

To Help You Get Started…

Here are a few scholarships available to high school juniors from to help you get started.

1. AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship ($5,000)

2. American Planning Association High School Essay Contest ($5,000)

3. AXA Achievement Community Scholarship ($2,000)

4. Best Buy Scholarship ($1,000- $25,000)

5. Coca Cola Scholarship ($25,000)

Although there are many scholarships open to high school juniors, most scholarships do not become available until your senior year. If you are serious about scholarships, be sure to set aside time in your schedule for applications. Many require different essays and have their own forms and requirements. If you are willing to put the time and effort in, you are likely to have a good outcome