Fun Things for College Students to Do for Boredom Busters

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College life is often portrayed as fun and exciting, often being described as “the best four years of your life.” Yet many students have a hard time finding where all the fun is at. Instead, students often find themselves bored when there are lulls between school, work, or other common commitments college students have. Lulls can come often and unexpectedly, leaving students in a sleep like state of boredom. Rest be assured, as long as you are willing to get out there and try new things, there are many fun things for college students to do, and they are right around the corner.

On the House

Lucky for you, colleges offer many fun activities for students to do, often footing the entire bill. Check in with your student government or your college website to learn more. Many universities offer free activities such as free movie night, welcome parties, coffee and concert series, and free barbeques. Usually these activities offer free food, with soda and pizza being a common place. If you live on campus, residence halls offer fun activities for students to do almost every day! Resident Assistants throughout the halls usually have to put on fun programs and activities for you to do as part of their job requirements. For example, at the University of Nevada, Reno, students get to choose from fun activities such as midnight bike rides, open mike nights, and speed dating, to name a slim few. Employees of Residence Halls are usually very open to ideas and suggestions about activities you would like to see happen, so if you have something in mind, don’t be afraid to talk to them.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts…

One of the many great things about being a college student is the discounts they constantly get. Bowling alleys and movie theatres often give student discounts to college students on a regular basis. Other common places are ski resorts, museums, spas, hotels, gyms, Costco and even some restaurants. Many concert venues and college sporting events are discounted or even free for college students. The important thing is to call ahead and ask if they offer college discounts before arriving. Be sure to have your student ID with you and look online for the places in your area that offer discounts.

Start Your Own Fun

If you are in a crunch for money and nothing of your interest is happening, don’t be afraid to put on your own activity. Some common board games for college students include Taboo, Apples To Apples, and Pictionary. As for party games, “mafia” and “signs” are great games to get people laughing if you have about 5 or more people playing. If you still find boredom creeping around the corner, don’t be afraid to pull out the game consoles, be it new or old. Older game consoles such as Nintendo 64 can bring out fond memories in players, and new consoles such as Nintendo Wii, can be fun and exciting as they have new technology and exciting games. Whatever it is you chose to do, just remember fun things for college students to do, if you look for it, or create your own fun night.