Self Paced, Accredited Anatomy and Physiology Courses

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Self paced accredited anatomy and physiology courses help to give students and those currently in the workforce a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology. It will provide students will information on understanding physical processes and identifying basic anatomical structures. Taking these courses will provide them with a basic understanding of the human body and how the human body works. These courses may help in career and education advancement as well.

What You Will Learn

Courses in anatomy and physiology are geared toward taking students through this subject so that they develop a full understanding of it. Students often begin with an introduction to anatomy and physiology course so that they can learn the basic components and the terminology. They will often move on to subjects, such as the chemistry of living things, cells, organs, and tissues. Once the successfully complete these units, they move onto more complex subjects, like the body systems: the skeletal system, integumentary system, muscular system, central nervous system, hematic system, endocrine system, sensor system, autonomic and peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, immune system, and other body systems. Other topics often covered include genomics, exercise physiology, pathopsychology, physiology, digestion and reabsorption, body temperature, metabolism, sexual reproduction, pregnancy and birth, kidney metabolism, respiration, the heart, muscle stimulus, disorders, and exercise, and bone growth, injury, and healing.

Where You Can Take These Courses

Corexcel offers a self-paced anatomy and physiology course. This course can be used for continuing education credits. The total price of this course is $318.00. The content included in this course is presented by body system. To enforce knowledge, this course includes quizzes, tests, games, and multiple exercises.

The University of North Carolina, The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education offers a self-paced introductory course in anatomy and physiology. North Carolina residents pay a total of $174.16 for one credit hour. Non-residents pay a total of $803.16 for one credit hour. This course covers basic anatomy and physiology concepts and the different ways the structures of the body maintain healthy and normal functioning.

Benefits of Taking These Courses

Self paced accredited anatomy and physiology courses will help increase a person’s knowledge which will help them both academically and professionally. Those already working in the health care field can often apply some of their studies to their continuing education credits, or units, that many health care professions require to stay up-to-date in their field of practice. Those who are in school pursuing a health care-related degree will be able to expand their knowledge of anatomy and physiology and will have more advanced knowledge in this subject to add to their degree. These classes may help those seeking a job in health care or the sciences as well because they will show demonstrated knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Those who have completed courses in this field, as well as possess the other requirements for the job, may find work in veterinary medicine, as a paramedic or EMT, massage therapy, medical assisting, and other medical and science fields.


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