Windows 7 News and Support: All The Latest News, Tips, Opinions & Events As Windows 7 Prepares For Launch

Windows 7 formerly known as Blackcomb and then Vienna, is Microsoft's successor to Windows Vista. Will it dazzle us with a brilliant graphical front end? Give us greater peace of mind with enhanced security features? Deliver applications in a timely fashion? We shall have to wait and see. Until then lets take a look at all the latest Windows 7 news and reviews, beta versions and developments, to keep you up-to-date with what is the most eagerly anticipated Windows release ever, which will no doubt be interesting and frustrating in equal measure. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

How to Run 32 Bit Apps on Windows 7 64 Bit

The move to 64-bit computing is upon us, but what does it mean? How do you know if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit applications in Windows 7? What can you do about compatibility issues? Read on to find out the answer to these questions and more!

Choosing Office 365 for Small Business

Are you tired of having to shell out thousands of dollars to upgrade your Microsoft Office applications each time a new version comes out? Are you limited on IT staff? Office 365 might be the right fit for you. Read on to find out!

How to Dual Boot Windows 8

For many it might be easier to run the Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual machine, but if you prefer to install it to your hard disk drive, a dual boot alongside Windows 7 might be the best option.

Windows 8 Might Give Double Booting the Boot

Rumors suggest that Windows 8 will not support dual-booting, a technique that makes it possible to run multiple operating systems on one computer. How true is this, and is there a work around for users wishing to use older versions of Windows or even Linux?

Bright Hub’s Window 7 Quiz

It’s time to take the Windows 7 quiz! If you have already taken the Windows quiz, now check out this Windows 7 quiz which includes a number of Windows 7 questions. Have fun!

Upgrade to Windows 7 with as Few Problems as Possible

Upgrading your operating system to Windows 7 can be more difficult than previous upgrades. Some hardware doesn’t want to work properly after the upgrade. Data gets lost or maybe the programs you were using won’t work. These tips and tricks will help you solve Windows 7 upgrade problems.

Which Apps Come in Windows 7?

Windows 7 has a number of bundled software applications included which should ensure that you do not have to install too much additional software. This article includes further details on which apps come in Windows 7, and what options they have.

The Evolution of Windows, From 1 to Windows 8

Remember when Microsoft Windows looked like software for kids? No?! In that case you’re probably not old enough to remember the 1985 release of the first Microsoft mouse driven GUI for IBM PC compatibles. Over the years things have stayed pretty much the same…until you reach Windows 8, of course!