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  • Charting Data within a Single Cell in Excel 2013

    There’s no doubting the usefulness of charts to spot trends and patterns, but they are impractically large for illustrating individual records. However, Excel 2013’s sparklines supports charting within cells themselves, so you can have hundreds...
    By C. Taylor April 14, 2016 

  • Changing Text Capitalization in Excel 2013

    Excel 2013 relies on functions to change capitalization. The LOWER, UPPER and PROPER functions change text in referenced cells to lowercase, uppercase or proper case. This method requires a formula in another cell, but you can copy the results to the...
    By C. Taylor April 7, 2016 

  • Using Goal Seek in Excel 2013

    One of the best forecasting tools in Excel 2013 is the Goal Seek feature. Learn where to access and ways that you can use this What-If Analysis option.
    By C. Taylor April 7, 2016 

  • Copying Only Formatting in Excel 2013

    Perhaps you have used some of the Paste options available in Microsoft Excel, but you may not have realized you can copy and paste just the formatting applied to another cell or range. Learn how to use this time-saving feature in Excel 2013.
    By C. Taylor March 22, 2016 

  • Hiding Values in Excel 2013 Cells

    Some data is necessary for functions and tools, but is distracting on an otherwise clean worksheet. To keep your sheet neat, hide the data using the Format Cells feature. While they won’t appear in the cells, you can still verify the values by selecting...
    By C. Taylor February 26, 2016 

  • Concatenating Text in Excel 2013

    Excel 2013 alleviates the tedium of retyping text to combine it within a cell thanks to its concatenation abilities. These functions not only combine existing text, but it also allows mixing in your own text.
    By C. Taylor February 26, 2016 

  • Deleting Blank Rows Without Sorting in Excel 2013

    A quick way to find and delete blank rows in a worksheet is to use Excel's filter feature. Learn how to locate and remove entirely blank rows with this handy tool.
    By C. Taylor February 26, 2016 

  • Copying Only Unique Values in Excel 2013

    Several Excel functions and tools require knowing the unique values contained in a dataset. The simplest solution is Excel 2013’s Advanced Sort & Filter feature that can copy only unique values from a long list of records, so you can paste them...
    By C. Taylor February 23, 2016 

  • Using Vertical Text in Excel 2013

    Excel 2013 offers numerous text and cell formatting options, including options to change text orientation. This option conserves horizontal cell space by rotating lengthy text vertically.
    By C. Taylor December 22, 2015 

  • Using Icon Sets to Represent Data in Excel 2013

    Excel’s Icon Sets add dynamic, visual elements to aid in data identification within cells. Available graphics include traffic lights, checkmarks, arrows, flags and a host of others. The dynamic nature of such conditional formats support formulaic...
    By C. Taylor December 22, 2015 
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