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PC Pitstop Optimize is designed to keep your computer running at peak performance. Every computer needs maintenance. Just like an automobile, if you don’t regularly maintain your computer, it will quit on you. I drive a car that is 16 years old. When I used this car to pick up international visitors recently from the airport I was asked; “How many years does it take for a car to be called antique?”  Although not an antique, my car has not been a restoration project either. I purchased it as a one year old demo and I maintained it. Old or not, that is why it still runs.

Some folks think they can buy a new computer and that it will somehow maintain itself. However, just like an old auto, your computer needs not only occasional maintenance but vigilant, and almost daily attention (especially for those who use their computers every day).

I’ve been asked why such a sophisticated tool can’t maintain itself? There are many variables involved: the operating system, Windows; how we use the Internet; the programs we download and install, or purchased boxed software we install; browser add-ons; toolbars; ad-ware; cookies; and more. And then, of course, there is the constant threat of viruses and other mal-ware; trojan worms; spyware; and so on. Now add Active X controls and Internet browser misconfigurations; sandboxing; autoplay and auto run settings to the mix. Let’s face it most of us do not have the time to learn how to protect ourselves against all of these vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, PC Pitstop Optimize takes care of all this for you–tuning up your PC and maintaining it to its optimal level. I strongly recommend PC Pitstop Optimize for PC users in today’s computing environment. 

Price to Value (4 out of 5)

What’s Hot: PC Pitstop Optimize puts it all together in one easy to use, fast, and simple program that is sophisticated enough to do the job right the first time. PC Pitstop Optimize is a simple solution to the many complex problems created by computing. What’s Not:

Through years of computing and networking with computer experts, I have been able to gather a number of freeware programs that, when combined, do most of the work of PC Pitstop Optimize. But in the end, this one-stop program accomplishes most of these same tasks very quickly.

Installation & Setup (4 out of 5)

What’s Hot: PC Pitstop Optimize installation is quick and easy.
        What’s Not: PC Pitstop Optimize installation does require more than one reboot before you can use the utility.

User Interface (4 out of 5)

What’s Hot:

Computer Associates International, Inc (CA) has teamed up with to create a good product that is as essential to your computer as oil in your engine is to your vehicle.

Installation and performing a first scan took less than two minutes to perform. It’s obvious from the start that PC Pitstop puts its emphasis on the things that count. This is a utility not a picture show, and it runs lean and fast doing what it needs to do without all the frills. A graphically stunning visualization isn’t at all necessary to get the job done of optimizing a computer.

Here are other issues that PC Pitstop Optimize addresses, informing you about them and educating you along the way.

After the initial scan Windows registry invalid entries are displayed and the program gives you the option of checking the ones that you don’t want to remove.

Options and explanations

Remove invalid CLSID entries (ClSID - a universally unique identifier-UUID-that identifies a COM component, Each COM component has its CLSID in the Windows Registry so that it can be loaded by other applications.

Remove invalid ProgID entries ProgID: A Programmatic Identifier is a registry entry that identifies a COM component and can be associated with a CLSID.

Remove invalid TypeLib entries: TypeLib identifies a type library file containing standard descriptions of data types, modules and interfaces that can be used to fully expose objects with ActiveX technologies.

Remove invalid Interface entries: An Interface is a group of logically related methods or operations that provide access to a component object.

There is also an option in this window to click on “What’s This?” button linked to the Microsoft computer dictionary where a definition of “Registry” is provided.

The next step in the scan/clean/optimize process provides user options for the following optimization procedures:

  • Speed up of NTFS volumes.
  • Disable screen saver when de-fragmentation is in progress.
  • Non- fragmentation block file size.
  • Disable paging system core.

This tool also offers the more advanced user the ability to custom select options that are personally preferred.

Product Features (4 out of 5)

What’s Hot: PC Pitstop Optimize provides a step to easily back up your Registry before making changes. Free online upgrades are offered and expect them to be first class coming from a company as solid as Computer Associates. PC Pitstop Optimize is “powerful and simple digging deep to get to the heart of most problems”.
What’s Not: This is a very standard feature offered on almost all registry optimization utility programs I have used, even the free ones.

Security & Privacy (5 out of 5)

What’s Hot: Unlike most free online PC scanning utilities PC Pitstop Optimize runs off your computer, not someone else’s server, and doesn’t collect information contained on your system.What’s Not: PC Pitstop Optimize does what it was designed to do and does it securely.

Help & Support (3 out of 5)

What’s Hot: There are a lot of lookalikes but, for good product support and free updates check out and click on your home country. ##br#
PC Pitstop Optimize offers a direct link via the program to an online user’s forum that hasn’t been used in over a year.


Install the download

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start scanning

Is this OLD Software going to address NEW problems?

Scan phase, scanning complete

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Online Help Forum

Logs of past scans

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Suggested Features

It would be nice if PC Pitstop Optimize had a user option to eliminate internet cookies. The scan does clean cookies but doesn’t provide a specific user option to eliminate them all together.


PC Pitstop Optimize is a user-friendly, yet serious tool that digs deep to find and eliminate many problems that occur over time to slow down your computer. If time is money you can save plenty by using PC Pitstop to significantly speed up your system. Frequent continued scans using PC Pitstop Optimize will also keep your computer running quickly and smoothly. Whether you use your computer a little or a lot, you can count on PC Pitstop Optimize to save you many hours of time and eliminate frustration.

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