Advent 4211 Review - Small and Fast is Good!

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The Advent 4211 (3 out of 5)

When it comes to the new Advent 4211, do you really know what you are in for? Well, here is the Bright Hub review of this new system to help you know what to expect, and what not to, from this new system.

Now, when you talk about the Advent 4211, it kind of goes hand in hand with the MSI Wind because the two systems are virtually identical. However, there are a few differences that make the Advent 4211 stand out from the rest of the pack. Some of the differences are in appearance only – such as the black and silver color scheme - but other differences will make a big difference to those who are looking for more power.

Inside the Advent 4211, you’ll find the Intel Atom N270 chip. This awesome little guy will give you 1.6 GHz of processing power. This is the same CPU speed as some of the other chips out there, but this one is more efficient than other chips and is much smaller, so it saves battery power and provides more component space in the system. On top of the Atom N270 chip, you will find that the 4211 comes with standard features that will provide a great computer for any need.

One of the downfalls of this system though, is that there is no DVD drive. So, you have to download the software that you would like to have – which can be a plus if you are really picky about what’s loaded on your system. Or, you can use an external optical drive. You could even use a USB stick or SD card to transfer the application’s installer program to the Advent.

You will find that there is an integrated SD card reader already here on the system, which makes it easier to download photos from your digital camera, or even to move your stuff to another, larger computer. This system also come standard with Realtek HD audio manager, so all your sound will be crisp and clear, especially if you are a fan of watching movies or videos on your PC.

Now, on to the physical connections. There is the normal VGA output for your monitor, the normal headphone and microphone jacks, one Ethernet, and three USB ports. The speakers that come standard with the system really aren’t that great. You can use them for listening to normal videos and such, but playing music or movies on them really stinks – even with the Realtek HD. So I would recommend that you spend the money and get some better speakers if you want quality sound. One good plus is that you do get wireless LAN and Bluetooth as standard features on this system, as well as plenty of storage space for files and music.

The software that comes standard on the Advent 4211 includes Windows XP Home Edition, backup and recovery solution from The TechGuys, and Microsoft Works. MS Works is the ad-supported version, so there will always be ads on the screen when you’re using it. There is no anti-virus software, but you can usually get that wherever you purchase your 4211.

Overall, the Advent 4211 is a solid pc that runs well, but it does lack some of the perks that other computers on the market come standard with today.

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