Best Browsers for Windows 7: Internet Browser Wars

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The Importance of a Web Browser

The web browser is an essential part of your computing experience. Using a good web browser can save you the headaches of rendering web pages incorrectly, not loading websites, or not being able to view media on websites. As more complex services become available online, using a good browser will help you take full advantage of utilizing these services in addition to decreasing or eliminating errors you may run into. There are many web browsers available for Windows 7 and each offers their advantages and disadvantages. To save you the hassle of comparing every single web browser, here is a list of the best browsers for Windows 7.

Google Chrome (5 out of 5)

Google Chrome is the newest competitor in the browser market. Built from the open source Chromium project, Google Chrome is a fast and efficient browser. Google Chrome is a light-weight browser that loads webpages at lightning fast speeds and handles javascript very efficiently. Google Chrome comes with all the basic functionality included with most browsers on the market today. Chrome uses a tab system for easily managing multiple open websites, a bookmark syncing manager to keep your bookmarks organized regardless of which Windows 7 computer you are using, extensions that are capable of extending the functionality of Chrome, and themes so your web browser can stand out, no matter what your artistic taste is.

Mozilla Firefox (5 out of 5)

The Mozilla Firefox web browser is synonymous to safe web browsing. Firefox boasts a secure web browsing experience with a strong community to support such a claim. Firefox supports features such as tabbed browsing for easy navigation between multiple open websites, bookmark management for easily organizing your bookmarks, a large extension directory for extending Firefox to almost anything you can imagine, and theming for users who want to give Firefox a specific look and feel. Firefox supports the most modern standards, including HTML 5, and also follows the strictest web standards for rendering webpages. Firefox performs very well on Windows 7 and is a must if you are concerned with a safe and secure browsing experience.

Internet Explorer 8 (4 out of 5)

The Internet Explorer 8 web browser is included with Windows 7 and is the default method for browsing the Internet. Internet Explorer has always been scrutinized for lack of security and a poor user experience. With the release of Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft took the concerns of their consumers and delivered a quality product for Internet Explorer users. Internet Explorer 8 supports tabbed browsing, extensions, and bookmark management. While there are still many skeptics who shun Internet Explorer 8, it is definitely a Microsoft web browser worth using. Since Internet Explorer 8 is already included with Windows 7, using IE8 needs no additional download or installation.

Choose the Right Browser

Choosing any of the above three web browsers will provide you with a quality web browsing experience. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8 will render even the most advanced websites properly. If you are still struggling with a decision, keep in mind that Google Chrome is the newest of the three browsers and while it has gained a great reception from users, there may still be problems you might run into. Firefox and Internet Explorer have been around for a while and will get any job done. Firefox is the safer choice when compared to Internet Explorer 8, although Internet Explorer 8 is the safest IE browser to date. Whatever you decision is, you can be assured that you will be browsing the Internet with one of the best browsers for Windows 7.