5 Great Smartphones That Run On Windows Mobile

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In this constantly evolving technological age we need to have access to information faster and faster in order to keep up with the world around us. This means that more and more people are taking their data mobile. Now unless you want to have a utility belt that rivals Batman’s, relying on too many mobile devices can become a serious issue.

That is why cell phones are stepping in to fill the need which makes a lot of sense when you consider that they are the most commonly owned and oldest of handheld devices. When many people think of getting one of these master devices, dubbed smartphones, they think this means buying Apple’s iconic iPhone or something made by Blackberry, but that’s simply not true. To give you an idea of your options we are going to look at some smartphones that run on Windows Mobile, that won’t make you switch your carrier to get them.


The motoQ9c

This phone will let you surf the web, check your email with one push of a button and view mobile versions of your office documents. In addition, of course to your standard phone features*. It has a 13 mega pixel camera, a 320x240 display screen and weighs about 4½ ounces.

The XV6800

This phone weighs in with all the features mentioned above as well as expandable memory in the Micro SD format and up to 340 hours of battery life.


The Samsung Ace

This model comes with both mobile office and a mobile PDF viewer to help manage your documents. In addition it sports a mobile version of Windows Media Player, a 1.3 mega pixel camera (still and video) and expansion via Micro SD memory. This phone does not however support the use of Wifi or infrared.


The BlackJack II

The Blackjack 2 has Internet Explorer, 1 touch email, GPS, a video camera and a mobile version of MS Office. It’s display is 2.4 inches, and it weighs in at 3½ ounces. Another note worthy feature is that the 236 megs of memory can be expanded with up to a 4 GB micro SD expansion card.


The Shadow

This phone comes with a large display area, a 2 mega pixel camera but no Windows Media Player. It also has Windows live search and Microsoft voice command built right in, as well as the mobile version of MS Office and Internet Explorer. It’s memory is expandable with Micro SD cards.

These five are only the beginning of the mobile world. You can get a peek, and comparison charts at other phones at the Windows Mobile website, where there are at least a dozen phones to choose from with service plans by every major provider on the market.

*Not waste your time I’ll just mention here that all phones come with the ability to make and receive calls, texts and pics messages, as well as holding a contact lists and having a built in calendar. These are standard features on smartphones.

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