Internet Explorer 9 Shortcut Keys: Time Saving IE9 Tips

Internet Explorer 9 Shortcut Keys: Time Saving IE9 Tips
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General Purpose

Internet Explorer 9 shortcut keys help you avoid menus so that you can work faster. Instead of using your mouse or touchpad to wade through the menus and dialogs, you can just press one of the many Internet Explorer 9 shortcut keys and get the job done. With the number of IE9 shortcut keys, you can save plenty of time and use it for productive purposes. This section contains IE9 shortcut keys for most used actions on Internet Explorer.

Note: The keys joined by ‘+’ sign means you need to press and hold down the first key and then press the key following the ‘+’ sign for the shortcut key to work. For example, if it is CTRL + W, you need to press and hold down CTRL key while pressing the W key so that the IE9 shortcut key combination works.

ALT opens the traditional menu in IE9 which is otherwise hidden.

Use TAB to browse through the links on a webpage. To open a link, just press Enter when it is highlighted. You can also use the TAB to reach the Address bar and other components of IE9.

You can use the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys to scroll through a webpage in IE9. You can also use the Spacebar to scroll down through the webpage. To go back up, you need to use the Up arrow key.

CTRL + Plus key (+) helps you Zoom In (Increase Website Font Size)

CTRL + Hyphen Key (-) helps you Zoom Out (Decrease Website Font Size)

CTRL + 0 (Zero) helps you get back the default size of website (100 % of the Font Size on Website).

Windows Key + Backspace Key acts like clicking on the Back button. You go back by one page.

ALT + Left Arrow Key also takes you back by one page.

ALT + Right Arrow Key takes you forward (Similar to clicking on Forward button on the Address Bar)

F4 helps you reach the Address bar. It also opens the Address bar drop down list to see recent history.

F5 helps you refresh the current webpage.

To stop a page from loading, press ESC.

ALT + F4 closes the current IE9 window

CTRL + W closes the current tab

Having checked out the Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcut keys for most common actions, let us now check out IE9 shortcut keys for more advanced operations.

IE9 Shortcut Keys - Save your Time While Browsing

ALT + T opens the Tools menu. Once the Tools menu is opened, you can use the Up and Down arrow keys to select any option. Press Enter to select the highlighted option.

CTRL + SHIFT + DEL opens the Delete History Dialog box. You can use the Tab to navigate within the dialog box. To select or deselect an option, press Spacebar. Press Enter or ESC to close the dialog box.

CTRL + SHIFT + P opens a new IE9 window for InPrivate Browsing.

CTRL + J opens the Download dialog so that you can see the current and recent downloads. Press ESC to close the dialog.

CTRL + H opens the History dialog so that you can check the websites browsed. Press ESC to close the dialog.

ALT + A opens the Favorites menu bar. Use ALT + A + Enter for adding the current page to Favorites.

These are few Internet Explorer 9 shortcut keys that will help you speed up working on the Microsoft browser. I did not cover the general keys applicable to almost all Windows applications such as CTRL + N (New Window), CTRL + O (Open a URL), and CTRL + P (Print) which you can find as part of a full, printable list here on Bright Hub.

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