How To Install Windows Messenger Step-by-Step

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Installing Windows Messenger, if it was not previously installed, is quite a straightforward task. Before installing Windows Messenger, it is important to review your computer system to see if you have the necessary system and hardware requirements to run the software.

At the very minimum, you computer should have at least twenty megabytes of free space to unpack and install the Windows Messenger program files. A processor from Intel, such as a Pentium/Celeron, or an AMD clocking at 233 MHz should be sufficient.

Installing Windows Messenger will require Windows XP, and at least one hundred twenty-five megabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM). Other miscellaneous hardware includes a video graphics monitor, a compatible headset, and a quality Web cam.

Since the files are downloaded from the Internet, a properly setup Internet connection is necessary – preferably broadband – to prevent being logged off the Internet.

The Windows Messenger software can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site

It is just a matter of clicking “Download,” and clicking “Go” when prompted. After the file has downloaded, a window will open to prompt you to install the Windows Messenger setup file. If you are ready to install, double-click the “Run” button, and Windows Messenger will be installed to your hard drive. If you would like to wait, and install later, just click “Save” to store the file.

After Windows Messenger is installed, you will need to add the Microsoft .NET passport account. This involves creating a user name and password to be used on the Microsoft Passport Network.

  1. To sign up for a .NET passport account, open the Windows messenger program by double-clicking the file on the “Start” menu. The .NET passport window will open with a brief explanation of the Passport Network.
  2. Then click “Next
  3. The Passport Network Wizard will ask you to create a new email address to sign up with, or to use an existing email address.
  4. You will be given a Hotmail address if you choose to create a new email address.

Type in an email address along with a password, then select “Finish” to sign in and begin using Windows Messenger.