Microsoft Free Classroom Monitoring Software - Free Microsoft Tools for Education

Microsoft Free Classroom Monitoring Software - Free Microsoft Tools for Education
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The Microsoft Free Classroom Monitoring Software - An Introduction

Microsoft free classroom monitoring software is an endeavor by the software giant to help teachers and students learn more effectively, be it in a physical classroom or in a virtual environment where the students interact with the teachers using the Internet. Some of these tools in the Microsoft free classroom monitoring software are based on Windows features, including Bing and Windows Movie Maker. We will check out some of the interesting tools in the next section.

The Microsoft free classroom monitoring software came to the rescue of countless students when several schools were closed due to the fear of Swine Flu. However, the teachers still imparted education using these Microsoft tools. They prepared lessons, for example a slideshow, and uploaded it to the SkyDrive. Then they would send an email to all the students. The students checked out the PPS file and sent their feedback, assignments, and doubts via email. This is just one example of how the free tools helped students to stay in touch with their teachers, without having to compensate on education.

Taking the cue from these actions, Microsoft created even more tools that now form the Classroom Monitoring Software - to impart online education and to make education more effective. However, some sections of the society doubt the effect of e-learning on students. They still think that traditional teaching methods are more effective than e-learning advantages. Some doubt if everyone is suitable for e-learning. Still, this doesn’t deter teachers and students from using the free tools from Microsoft - whether for e-learning or for using the tools to improve the performance of students.

No matter how divided people may be over e-learning, they agree that using IT for imparting education helps in increased efficiency of the education system. The next section looks at some of the major tools that form part of the Microsoft classroom monitoring software.

Elements of Microsoft Classroom Monitoring Software

Microsoft Research AutoCollage

Microsoft Research AutoCollage is a tool that allows you to create interesting collages using a folder containing images. This folder can be a local folder or your online folder on SkyDrive. It also supports Windows Live Photo Gallery so the teachers and students can interact using images. An example of using AutoCollage is to teach about Paris using different images of Paris. The latest version of the software is AutoCollage 2008. AutoCollage is free with new computers that employ Windows 7. For others, it costs around $20, which means even the students can easily afford it.

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope

The Microsoft Worldwide telescope turns any computer into a virtual telescope. Microsoft is now offering sky views and guided tours with the help of several land and space based satellites. The Microsoft Worldwide telescope is available for both PCs and Mac. An online version is also available so that the students need not download it to their computers.

Microsoft Mouse Mischief

Microsoft Mouse Mischief is an add-on to PowerPoint 2007 and later versions. The add-on allows teachers to create quizzes, opinion polls, and more. With Microsoft Mouse Mischief, the students can interactively take part in the lessons created on PowerPoint (via slides). Per Microsoft website, Mouse Mischief is the best way to keep the students engaged. The above link offers more information and demos plus lesson plans for teachers.

SkyDrive and Windows Live Mail

SkyDrive and Windows Live Mail are well known Microsoft products that are used by many. These can be used to create a virtual classroom. As explained in the first section, teachers can create lessons/worksheets and upload them to the SkyDrive. They can then use the Windows Live Mail to send emails to their students with the link to the lessons/worksheets. Students can access the lessons from anywhere in the world and send back the answers through email. They can also upload their projects to the SkyDrive.

The above are just some of the free, interesting tools available in the Microsoft free classroom monitoring software. For a complete range of tools, please visit the Microsoft Education website.

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