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Every month, the Bright Hub Windows Channel produces a wide variety of articles on a number of topics, but there’s always a few that particularly catch my attention. Some of these offer an insider’s look on the newest developments for the Windows platform while others provide valuable tips, tricks, and advice for Windows software applications. They all share one thing in common, though – they’re plain good reading.

Before I drone on with this introduction any longer, here’s my recommended list of must-read articles published on the Bright Hub Windows Channel.

Microsoft versus Google – The Battle Lines are Ever Expanding – Although this is Part 1 of The Ongoing War between Microsoft and Google series by Brian Nelson, I could just as easily have picked any of the articles in this collection. Just as the title suggests, Brian takes an in-depth look at these two giants in the world of computing, providing some great, witty insights along the way.

Storing Your Backups – Even though I know how important it is to back up important files, I admit that I don’t do it as often as I should. Although it’s sad to say, part of the reason for this is because I get lazy and don’t want to deal with the hassle. In this article, not only does Joli Ballew re-stress the importance of backing up your data, but she also gives some awesome tips on how to perform this dreaded task quickly and easily.

The Best E-learning Websites for Kids – Computers and the Internet are integral parts of education in today’s world. With that in mind, so-called “educational” web sites are springing up all over the place with each one promising to offer the best tools for learning. Instead of taking these sites at face value, Yvette Davis has done a great deal of research to find ones that really do add worth. Take some time and check out her top picks, many of which are free.

Search Engine Comparison: Lycos – You mean there are other ways to search the web besides Yahoo! and Google? Sure, I’ve heard of Lycos, but it never crossed my mind to try it out. In this ongoing comparison of Internet search engines, Matt Becker goes over the pros and cons of Lycos and offers some reasons why it may be more appealing than its big name counterparts for some users.

The Fundamental Differences between Linux and Windows – Microsoft may still hold the lion’s share of the market for PC operating systems, but Linux continues to grow in popularity with each passing day. If you’ve heard about Linux and are wondering what the appeal is, this article is a great place to start your research.

Note from the Managing Editor: Michele is the Contributing Editor for several Computing & Hardware Channels. With expert knowledge of the Windows platform and Microsoft applications she is a pioneer of the Bright Hub Community and an expert within the field of Computer Technology.

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