Best Panasonic Toughbook Specifications - Panasonic Toughbook CF-T7 Review

Best Panasonic Toughbook Specifications - Panasonic Toughbook CF-T7 Review
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This is part 6 of a 7 part article series. To start from the beginning, read “Emerging trends – Enhanced technologies make the tablet PC an excellent business companion".

Panasonic are renowned for bringing to market an excellent range of tablet PC’s, based around the ‘toughbook’ theme, and whilst the Panasonic CF-W7 is the better executive option, and the Panasonic CF-74 is more robust, the Panasonic CF-T7 is a well balanced compromise between the two. On first impressions it is a solid tablet and compared to its predecessors and siblings which tend to look like glorified tool boxes, the CF-T7 looks professionally built. [See image 1]

The tablet delivers excellent visuals thanks to a 12.1” anti glare screen. It is clear to view in any environment inside and out, even in direct sunlight. The keyboard does have a standard notebook look and feel which makes it prone to collecting dirt, but as the unit is completely water resistant it can easily be cleaned. [See image 2]

As a ‘toughbook’ Panasonic CF-T7 is supremely robust. It can be dropped from up to 80cm and it is highly impressive that the CF-T7 can be dropped and remain in tact when the screen is open. Dropping the device directly onto one of its corners does tend to crack the edging, but even then the CF-T7 tablet still functions as normal. [See image 3]

The Panasonic CF-T7 is lighter than most tablets, at 3.2lb and as with the Motion F5 has an integrated handle that makes maneuverability and mobile operability a breeze. There is also a slot on the device to lock the tablet down for added security. [See image 4]

As for performance, again we see a tablet PC driven by a 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor which with 1GB RAM provides only marginal performance. However the 80GB shock resistant hard drive is sufficient for any mobile requirements and being resistant to roughhouse treatment the device doesn’t suffer data loss. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi a/b/g connectivity are superb and as with the HP 2710p, the Panasonic CF-T7 comes with an SD card reader for additional media storage capacity. [See image 5]

The Panasonic CF-T7 is a great semi-rugged tablet PC which is a viable solution for many environments and markets - warehousing, stock control, auditing, presentation and teaching especially. It performs adequately and looks great for a ‘ruggedized’ tablet. Its weight is the best in class and many business markets will be enamored by the fact that you can wipe any area of the unit clean. It is also one of the better priced tablets at $2,199. [See image 6]

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Panasonic CF-T7 Screen

Panasonic CF-T7 Toughbook

CF-T7 Handle

CF-T7 mobile tablet

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