Mozilla Firefox Review: Customizable, Stable, Secure - Dare We Say The Best Web Browser?

Mozilla Firefox Review: Customizable, Stable, Secure - Dare We Say The Best Web Browser?
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As IE is such a security riddled application many users both at home and in business have migrated to an alternative web browser that offers increased speed, security and an all round better user experience. This is Mozilla Firefox, which to my mind stands out as the best web browsing application there is. Being open source it has the obvious advantage of being free and in a continuous development cycle, thereby enhancing its ability to deliver quality performance, security and customization.

Installation of Firefox is simple and does not in any way shape or form hinder PC performance. It sits as a completely separate entity to IE, allowing both web browsers to work in perfect harmony on one PC. What is more, users need not worry that they might damage Windows in some way by installing this open source competitor to Microsoft. Firefox and IE will battle to be your default browser but you can easily turn this message prompt off and use one or the other, or both depending on your browsing requirements. Mozilla Firefox even allows you to migrate all of your IE favorites, so it can’t be that risky a proposition to install.

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Considerably quicker than IE once launched and with tabbed browsing as standard, Firefox provides an expansive user interface that is slick and flexible. Firefox also excels being in an ever expanding customization cycle. There is a vast catalog of free plug-ins and add-ons which keep the browser abreast with the current technological climate to make it a more user friendly, robust and feature rich application. Multiple web page browsing within one window is slick and the file download component is streamlined to maximize processor capacity.

Most importantly Firefox is completely secure, it doesn’t load ActiveX controls (a major security risk in IE) and security patches are regularly available. Firefox also has a strong reputation for preventing pop-ups and, critically, for being spyware free.

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Being as stable and compliant with information governance standards as it is, Mozilla Firefox is the browser of choice for many high level organizations. From an extensive historical research perspective and having witnessed the Firefox browser in action across many sectors, it certainly would be my preference for both home and business web browsing.

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