Antivirus for Windows Small Business Server

Antivirus for Windows Small Business Server
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Windows Small Business Server

Windows Small Business server provides small businesses a place to store, retrieve, and back up the data in which they need to work. With so much information that could possibly be held within the server itself, the choice of anti-virus is especially important in making sure that your files and data aren’t destroyed or corrupted by the arrival of viruses and spyware.

But how does one go about choosing an anti-virus for a Windows Small Business Server?

Choosing an anti-virus for your server is just like choosing an anti-virus for your home computer. Thought must be placed into what the software will do to protect your important files and data. While there are some free versions of anti-virus software, most business will opt to spend the money in order to make sure they are getting the best protection for their business server.

Anti-virus for Business

All anti-virus programs should provide support and protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats that a computer faces from the internet and corrupted files from infected computers. These programs scan files and documents on your computer, looking for anything that may seem suspicious. They should also automatically update themselves, making sure that they are current on any recent threats that may be affecting users elsewhere.

Choosing an anti-virus program can be a time consuming endeavor, however its better to take the time to find one that will provide you with the abilities as outlined above. Luckily, many of the programs that home users use for their computers also come in business versions, though these may not be available for business use. Again, most businesses will opt for a business version, which is usually geared for businesses and have many features that are not included for a home version. This includes network management and email protection for an Exchange server.

Some big anti-virus names, like Avast, Kaspersky, and Trend Micro, all have business editions of their anti-virus software.

Avast! Small Business Server

Avast is a popular solution for home users with the free version, but it also proves to be popular with businesses. The small business edition includes the same protection that comes standard with all Avast products, but also comes with 64bit support, the email guard for Exchange emails, and a command line option for advanced system administrators.


Along with Avast, Kaspersky has also been a favorite for home users and the small business edition adds extra features geared towards business. An updated engine keeps the software aware of new malware that comes along, as well as scanning susceptible areas that are known to become infected.

Trend Micro

As with the previous products, Trend Micro has been used both in homes and businesses. They also have several products for both small and medium businesses, with most split into a standard or advanced version. Trend Micro’s software has fast scanning on the computer, plus the ability to block suspicious websites and offers a feature to detect malicious articles from a USB device.


Which anti-virus is right for your Windows Small Business Server? That decision is yours to decide; while three of those programs are listed, that does not mean they are the only available offers. The decision on an antivirus should result in the product doing what it should - protecting your files and information from harmful contact.

Pricing will differ for each and all of these programs based on the number of client computers - that is, the number of employees within the company and the number of computers that will be in use. Small business virus protection will sell a license for each computer the program will be on, which coudl be as little at $150 or a $1,500 again depending on the size of the company.

Research and time should be devoted to this and not rushed into; after all, there are those fake antivirus programs that would just love to get their hands on your server because you didn’t take the time to consider your options. Luckily, some products will allow for a free trial, so you can gauge their effectiveness before dropping your money for it.


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