How To Fix The Blue Screen of Death in Windows 7

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The Windows blue screen is not a new problem and has been there since Microsoft Windows came into existence. Blue screen is a very big problem and even the most advanced computer systems suffer from blue screen of death, including Microsoft Windows 7. Blue screen of death occurs when there is a hardware failure, a corrupt driver, or when the system was trying to access a resource or read data that was corrupt. In such a scenario, the computer is instantly stopped from doing any further processing and you lose all your unsaved data. This is commonly called a “crash”. In order to recover from this state, the computer is rebooted. Before the system gets restarted, the operating system prepares a blue screen memory dump, which might help Microsoft fix the issue, if it was an issue with Windows.

Windows 7 blue screen blue screen of death occurs mainly due to the above reasons. However, another reason for blue screen of death can be the corrupt registry that might have been due to some new software installation or a virus attack on the system. Whatever the reason is there is always a Windows 7 blue screen blue screen of death fix.

Whenever a blue screen of death appears, you will notice an error name, which is typically not descriptive enough, but it may give you an idea of what caused the problem.

Windows 7 blue screen blue screen of death fix 1 – Corrupt Hardware Driver

If you hardware driver had corrupted, then it could be a temporary issue. However, if you still encounter the blue screen, then you need to look for the hardware name mentioned in the blue screen of death that caused the issue. Try reinstalling the corrupted driver after rebooting the system in safe mode.

Windows 7 blue screen blue screen of death fix 2 – Corrupt Registry

If the windows registry is corrupt or some of the entries have corrupted, then Windows will show you an unknown error at the time of blue screen of death. In this case, you just need to reboot the system so that registry state is refreshed.

Windows 7 blue screen blue screen of death fix 3 – New Hardware/Software Installation

Sometimes, blue screen of death appears if you have just installed a new hardware/software in the system. In such a scenario, you need to replace or remove the hardware, if it’s a hardware issue. If the blue screen appeared because of new software, then you either need to re-install the software or completely remove it from your system. Try using the System Restore feature of Windows 7 to bring the computer back to the state it was in before the program was installed. For specific issues like problems with iTunes and Windows 7, you can search for specific troubleshooting tips.

If none of the fixes listed here work, or if your computer won’t start because of a blue screen error, then you need to prepare Windows 7 blue screen memory dump and send it to Microsoft for further support. Read the guide here, Prepare Windows 7 blue screen memory dump.