Operating System Comparisons: The Battle Between Windows Vista vs. Apple Mac OS X vs. Linux

Operating System Comparisons: The Battle Between Windows Vista vs. Apple Mac OS X vs. Linux
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Windows Vista is a slick, 3D graphic extravaganza of an operating system. With exceptional navigational displays, a rich feature set for multimedia and communications and a considerable upgrade from Windows XP in terms of visuals and processor dynamics, there is much to like about the new operating system from Microsoft.

It has been over a year now since Microsoft launched Windows Vista, their much publicized and eagerly anticipated new operating system. Now twelve months on from its launch, how has it bedded in? And does it stand up to the rigors of daily use by masses of end users in the home and business environment? Many say that Windows XP is still superior in speed and performance, others say that is to be expected with Vista’s new look and graphically intensive user interface. And what about the impending release of Windows 7, which many leading analysts say will make Windows Vista obsolete?

Now, having given Microsoft a grace period to settle Windows Vista beta testing issues and bug fixes we thought it would be a good time to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Not, as is common on many forums by comparing it to its predecessor Windows XP. That is old hat! We’ve seen those discussions and been party to the whys and what-fors over and over again.

What would be good is a direct assessment of Windows Vista in relation to the outside competition. This comes in the form of Linux and the Apple Mac’s OS X. All three operating systems, Vista, Linux and OS X offer differing levels of user interaction, customization and security. All three have considerable weight behind them from many authoritative voices in the IT community. All three have valid arguments for and against their use. So let’s take a closer look:

Vista 3D Flip

Linux desktop

OS X Desktop

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