Windows Error Code 0x2b33 Message Troubleshooting

Windows Error Code 0x2b33 Message Troubleshooting
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Getting any type of Windows error is annoying, scary, and frustrating to say the least. They often times appear after everything has been working, chugging along, and then suddenly something stops working like it should. There are many reasons for the error codes and there are also fixes for them. The first thing you should do is don’t panic. At minimum, the issue is something small and can easily be fixed within a short amount of time.

While there are several error codes for Windows, this article will focus on one - error code 0x2b33.

What is it?

Error code 0x2b33 is an error that is primarily associated with the Microsoft SQL server software. SQL is a database language that is designed for managed regional management databases, usually for businesses or corporations. This error is usually encountered when the database or systems administrator updates the software through Windows Update.

The message that users receive is that, while any update for the software will download, it won’t install any of the updates.

Why Is This Happening to Me?

Now, remember what I said about not panicking.

The reason this error occurs is that a service for SQL is not running. A service is like the brains of some operation; for some programs, services may always be running in the background of your computer, like your anti-virus software. Some services only start running when a program is opened, like Outlook or Word. When a service has stopped running for a certain program, it may make it unusable or in this case, unable to receive updates. The service should have been installed and set to run automatically when the SQL Server install was done.

There is a solution to this, and that is to start the stopped service. The first thing you need to do is shut down SQL; then from the start menu, click Run. On computers running Windows XP, the program will be listed at the bottom, on the right hand side just above from the shut down and log off option buttons. Users running Vista or Windows 7 has it a bit easier, as they can type in ‘run’ on their search bar (these users can also type in the command to get them to the services window).

XP users - when you have the RUN command open, type in services.msc. This will take you to the Services area of the Microsoft Management Console. This area allows you to see what services are running, stopped, or use a manual start.

Vista/7 users - from your start menu, you can either type in run for the RUN command or services to be taken to the Services window.

In the Services window, you’re going to be looking for anything that mentions ‘SQL’ and see if it has stopped. Users who have encountered this error code have noted that the MSSQL$PINNACLESYS service was the culprit; if you see that this service has stopped, click on it. You should now be present with options on the left hand side of the window. These options change depending on what the service is doing. As this seems to be ‘stopped’, your choices should show a start.

Click the option to start the service. You can now close out of the Services window and try the update again. You should now be able to download and install your update. If you once again receive the error, go back to the Services window and find a service that begins with ‘SQLAgent’ and see if that too has stopped. Start it and try the update again.

The Services application can also be accessed from the Administrator Tools menu if it has been set to appear on your start menu.

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