How To: Microsoft Office Document Scanning Double Sided

How To: Microsoft Office Document Scanning Double Sided
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Things You’ll Need

1. Microsoft Office Document Imaging

2. Scanner

3. Pages to scan

Steps To Follow

Scanning double sided pages just requires the following simple steps:

Step 1

Launch MS Office Document Imaging. You will find it in Windows Start Menu -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools. If it is not there, it is not installed on your computer. You can get the program from the Microsoft Office installation CD/DVD. Just run the MS Office Setup and select Document Imaging from the given options and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.

Step 2

After opening the Document Imaging program, click on the Scan New Document button on the toolbar. When the small dialog window

opens up, check the Original is double sided check box.

Step 3

Place your pages in the scanner in a way that the pages front is facing down in the scanner. Once done, click on the Scan button on the right of the dialog window.

Step 4

When the Scan Settings dialog window opens up, select the desired settings and then click on the Start Scan button to start the scan. The scan will start immediately. Watch your scanner scan your pages or go for a tea break, depending on the speed of your scanner.

Step 5

When the scanner finishes scanning the pages, a dialog window will open, telling that the pages have been scanned. Now place the back side of the pages in the scanner. The last page scanned should be the first one to be scanned from the opposite side so check mark the Reverse page order when scanning second side option. Next, click the Scan Side 2 button on the same dialog window.

Reverse page order when scanning second side

Step 6

When the Scan Settings dialog window opens up, select your desired settings and then click on the Start Scan button.

That’s it.. You’re done with scanning your double sided pages! When the scanner is finished scanning the pages back, you’ll have a nicely collated image of your scanned double-sided document ready to use in the Document Imaging program.

Note: If you’re having problems using Document Imaging, this troubleshooting guide may help.

This article explained how scanning double sided pages is possible. So if you were looking for information on “Microsoft Office document scanning double sided”, I hope this article was helpful to you and now you can scan your double-sided pages easily!

Converting Scanned Document to PDF

While you can see your scanned pages as a single image, it will be nicer to convert and open them as a PDF document so that they look more of a document rather than an image. Here’s how to do this:

Search the internet or open and download software that converts images into PDF. There are many free applications for this purpose; Swift PDF is free and easy to use. Once you have installed it, launch it, select the scanned files you want to convert and then click the Create PDF button to convert your files.

PDF files are smaller in size than any other document file and since the scanned documents take up lot of disk space, it is always a good idea to convert them into PDF and then store on your hard drive.