Educational Websites for Kids - Best E-learning Options

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The Best of the Bunch

Whether you’re homeschooling your kids, or just looking for a website to reinforce skills learned in school, you’ll find a lot of great choices online. There are thousands of websites that offer educational games, curricula, and other learning materials for children. With so many choices, it’s impossible to wade through them all to find the best. That’s why we’ve put together this little guide for you.

Brain Pop is one of the best places around to supplement your regular curriculum. They offer videos on thousands of different core curriculum topics, along with activities, a questions and answers section, and science experiments. They even have quizzes to test the student’s knowledge and help them evaluate if they’re ready for that big test. Brain Pop is designed for grades 4-12. There is a special section, Brain Pop Jr, for the preschool to 3rd grade set. You get membership to both Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr with your paid membership. There are different pricing levels, depending on whether you’re a teacher, school administrator, homeschooler, or parent. Homeschools can sign up as families to cut costs. The only difference between the memberships is the number of kids who can be logged in at one time. Brain Pop offers a free trial.

Mindsprinting - If your child needs remedial work, or you want to take some of the work off the homeschooling parent, this is the place to do it. Mindsprinting offers free placement evaluation and lessons tailored to the child’s strengths and needs, based on those placement tests. Lessons are progressive, and easy for children to understand without help. Assignments can be printed out or completed using the computer. The curriculum is based on US standard core curriculum requirements and available to children in grades K - 12. Best of all, Mindsprinting is 100% free.

Another great, free, website is Spelling City. Here, students can enter spelling words and play games to master those words. Spelling City offers eight word games like word searches, missing letter, Unscramble, and Hang Mouse, a fun version of hangman. This site also features thousands of preloaded spelling lists to choose from. Enter your words and save the list under a private username and password, so spelling words are always available to practice.

MIT Online offers no longer used MIT classes online for free. You simply download the course syllabus, and lesson lessons, find the book, and follow the lessons used by MIT students. You don’t get college credit for the course, but this is a great way for teens to broaden their knowledge and prepare for college.

Have you ever wondered what your child should be leaning in any given grade?World Book Encyclopedia Online Curriculum Guide has the answer to that question. Simply select your child’s grade from the list on the left, and curriculum standards appear on the right for each subject.

With great online resources like these, learning doesn’t have to be boring, or expensive.