Understanding Office 2010 Mobile

Understanding Office 2010 Mobile
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Windows has introduced an upgraded version of their Office mobile software, coinciding with the launch of the new Office 2010. This new mobile app allows for the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note on cell phones. As a Windows user, most should be familiar with the mobile software, but as with other things, there are pros and cons.

The Pros

Office 2010 Mobile is only available for smartphones running the new Windows Mobile version 6.5, allowing users to get a free upgrade for their current Office suite on their phone if they wish. Featuring the use of mobile versions of popular Office products such as Word, Excel, One Note, PowerPoint and the new SharePoint Workplace, this will allow users to view and edit documents that may come from the office.

Users already familiar with the mobile version of Office know that they are able to access documents on their computers from their mobile phones. WIth the addition of SharePoint, users can upload their work through their SharePoint workspace if they have joined one.

A main feature is through PowerPoint . Though you can not create slides, you can use this mobile version as a remote control for a larger presentation. The software also allows for a user to scan through slides on the phone, without disturbing the presentation for the audience.

The mobile version of One Note now allows for users to insert pictures, videos and voice recordings as well as create new notes through the software.

The Cons

While being able to create, edit and delete documents and spreadsheets on the go whenever you’re able is a great ability, especially when you’re gearing up for a major project, there are some limitations. The obvious one is the screen size, though that may be dependent on the size of the mobile phone.

As mentioned above, while Word and Excel allow for creation, PowerPoint does not. That is a downside if one encounters an issue that needs to be corrected in a slide show. This could be a minor issue, however if you are leaving from the airport and heading directly into a meeting, that correction can not be done in time.

Another downside is that the suite is only offered for phones that are running Windows 6.5, usually those that are touch phones or ones with a stylus. The comparison with the desktop version is quite good, however for those looking forward to the release of the new Windows 7 phones, it may be better just to wait for that, instead of going out and buying a phone with Windows 6.5 if you do not have one.


Overall, this software works just like previous versions of Office mobile. Users are able to create, edit, review and delete files from Word, Excel, One Note and PowerPoint. While users aren’t able to create or edit PowerPoint slides, they are able to view them and now, it has the ability to act as a remote control for the same presentation on the large screen.

The cons to this are that the suite is only available for phones running the Mobile 6.5 Windows software . With the announcement of a Windows 7 phone, it may be counterproductive for users without the previous version to go out and purchase one.


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