Learn How to Use Microsoft Word and Calendar Creator to Get Organized

Learn How to Use Microsoft Word and Calendar Creator to Get Organized
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Using Microsoft Word to Create Calendars

You can use Microsoft Word and Calendar Creator to create good-looking calendars free. To create a calendar using Microsoft Word, open the program and then click the Office button. Choose New to begin the creation of a new document. Select the Calendars option to see the available calendars available to you.

You can browse calendars available by year, by academic year, by multiple years, or by “other calendars.” The latter category includes a huge assortment of calendar templates including a monthly calendar builder, panning calendars, monthly calendars with a theme, and the calendar wizard. A single click on a calendar thumbnail gives you a larger preview of it in the panel on the right.


When you find the calendar you want, click the Download button at the bottom right of the New Document window. This example uses the Monthly and weekly planning calendar. The template will download and then open in Microsoft Word.


Some calendars in Microsoft Word are pre-filled with dates, but this particular calendar needs to be manually filled in by the user. This varies depending on the calendar template you choose. All you have to do is enter your information, format your calendar as desired and then print it out. Next, you will learn how to use Calendar Creator, an alternative option for creating calendars using Microsoft Excel. By learning how to use both Microsoft Word and Calendar Creator, you will have more choices available for each specific need.

Image Credits: Screenshots taken by Bruce Tyson.

Using Calendar Creator

Calendar Creator is an add-on for Microsoft Excel that allows the user to creat a calendar for any year. The difference between Microsoft Word and Calendar Creator is that Calendar Creator is a template that runs in Microsoft Excel.

To use Calendar Creator, you must first download it from the Microsoft Web site.


When you arrive at the site, find the Calendar Creator template or click the download link and then accept the license agreement. If you are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer, your download may not start automatically. If it doesn’t, click the Download button to begin.

When the download completes, double click on the file in either your browser’s download window or browse to the file using Windows Explorer and then double click on it.


Microsoft Excel will now open automatically and display Calendar Creator in a worksheet.


Use the scroll box in cell A1 to select the year you want for your calendar. Once that is done, all that is left to do is customize the appearance of your calendar. To do this, click the Page Layout tab on the Office ribbon. Now you can select from the pre-installed Excel themes, or find online themes to browse Microsoft Office Online for more choices. You can also add effects and change colors from the Page Layout section. You can use the Fonts options on the Home tab to change the font and size.

Image Credits: Screenshots taken by Bruce Tyson.

Wrapup: Microsoft Word and Calendar Creator

You now know how to user Microsoft Word and Calendar Creator to create calendars in Microsoft office. Microsoft Word offers a large variety of calendars and styles that can be use to create calendars for home, school, and work. Calendar Creator is a Microsoft Excel template that offers a yearly view only, but it offers a lot of creative options using Excel’s Theme and font settings.